Walking down the supermarket aisles thinking ‘what is sugar?’ it is easy to see the very big sections which are all about pushing sugar into our community.

In the mornings before school our local shopping centre becomes part of this with kids coming in with their lunch money to Coles and the newsagents and stocking up big-time on soft drinks lollies chips and biscuits. No wonder they get fat!! Is this as a community really what we want to be happening in our local shopping centre in the morning????

When you start reading up on soft drinks they are so dangerous to our health our waistlines our hearts. And the “Diet” ones are even more dangerous with the chemicals they contain that have destructive effects on brains while keeping the ‘sweet’ addiction alive. And they all rot out bone strength.

When I am meeting young women in our community who have serious heart problems when I am meeting young women in our community with breast cancer then I know we have a very serious problem on our hands. Young mothers right up against the serious end of dangerous health.

We have a soft-drink epidemic. We have a chip (both crisps and hot chips) epidemic. We have an icecream epidemic. We pig out on biscuits and lollies big time.

If we do one thing only – STOP ALL SUGAR – it will be extraordinary and it will save a lot of our lives.