Why do so many fat people excuse their ill health? Why are they defensive even aggressive about their unmanageable size?

If obese is the acceptable average shape of the current era why do fat bodies ache and get ill?

We need to accept personal responsibility and decide to do something about it. No amount of legislation guidelines or warnings can save us if we do not accept that we alone control what goes in our mouths and how much we move our bodies.

We need to stop criticising ways of measuring and weigh into arguments about appropriate scales and norms.

We must accept that individually and collectively this is not a good state to be in.

The only way to be fit and healthy is to make good eating and deliberate exercise a way of life.

Even the military is struggling under a new load. This week it was revealed that about 14% of the armed forces personnel are obese.

Defence health chief Major-General Paul Alexander said alcohol was to blame for the Aussie blowout with fast food not playing such a big part.

The US Government issued a dietary guideline advisory early this month telling its people bluntly they needed to eat less.

The huge popularity of cooking shows crystallises our passion for food but does nothing to teach us to eat less.