[b]School Holiday Road Safety[/b]

School holidays are fast approaching and if you are taking a long trip these holidays remember to plan and prepare to significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to the Fatal Four.

[b]The Fatal Four[/b]
2.Driving Drunk
3.Driving without a Seatbelt

It is a time to be extra cautious on the roads and to arrive home safe

[u]Speeding motorists[/u]
Every k over is a killer. Observe the speed limits at all times and don’t exceed the signed maximum speed limit.

[u]Driving drunk[/u]
Depending on your age driving experience and the type/class vehicle being driven a driver’s alcohol concentration may be required to be zero. If you are unsure whether you are over the legal limit – DO NOT DRIVE.

Buckle-up your seatbelt whilst travelling in a motor vehicle this could save your life. You can be fined if you don’t wear a seatbelt.

[u]Driver fatigue[/u]
Have a good sleep before your trip and be aware of the dangers of driving when tired and on unfamiliar roads. When travelling long distances a minimum of a 15-minute rest is recommended every two hours. In peak holiday periods look for Driver Reviver stops where you can rest have a free snack and a coffee.