The Swap It Don’t Stop It program is a great idea.

Don’t just give up/do without something like sugar. Swap it for something else.

The trick is to find/choose what to swap it for.

Not necessarily as easy as might first be thought.

Here are some ideas I’ve found so far:

Swap a sweet food for a food that is not sweet:
[li]Swap coffee with sugar for cocoa (no sugar) or tea (no sugar)[/li]
[li]Swap sweet snacks with cheese[/li]
[li]Swap sweet sauces with things like lime juice and fresh cream[/li]
[li]Swap icecream with cream[/li]
[li]Swap some of the sweeter fruits with blueberries or raspberries[/li]
[li]Swap honey with peanut paste or Vegemite[/li]
[li]Swap a plate of scones to take with a plate of curried eggs (very easy and cheap to make)[/li]

Swap eating a snack with going out and doing something
[li]Doing a regular exercise class [/li]
[li]Getting imaginative and creative about discovering interesting local exercise options to fill snack times[/li]
[li]Go dancing[/li]
[li]Ring a friend or family member[/li]
[li]Ask for or give a hug[/li]
[li]Enrol for a regular class to learn a new skill or interest[/li]
[li]Volunteer for a role in the local community for an hour a week[/li]