The live webcast Community Question Time today included Karen Struthers Minister for Community Services and Housing on the panel. The Premier was also on the panel. Treasurer Andrew Fraser also.

Question to her: How does the Department of Housing ensure people placed in public housing look after it and don’t trash it?

Both she and the Premier fielded the question and their answer included:

We are absolutely determined to make sure people in social housing are not on the finge that they have opportunities to attend schools in well-resourced areas.

We expect high standards of our tenants and that they will observe “neighbourly behaviour”.
We do respond to (complaint) call quickly. We are on the case.
We do expect people will look after their public housing not trash it.

[b]Question: How do you know whether a property is “public housing” and which part of the QLD Government would you call if there was a problem?[/b]

There is a big increase in “public housing” because of the Federal Government’s National Partnership on Housing.

Another question about building more refuges for victims of domestic violence was answered:

25000 applications around domestic violence.
Zero tolerance on domestic violence.
Aiming to keep victims of domestic violence in their homes with their children not let them be driven out; but to oust the perpetrators of domestic violence. This includes providing security grills security guards. There is a Domestic Violence Refuges meeting and a Domestic Violence After Hours Service 24-hours statewide.