[u]Atlas joint and legs[/u]

This one I created this morning is a beautie!

Equipment: A bed that is the right height to sit on with feet on the floor; the floor!

Position: Lie on side on the floor parallel to the side of the bed facing the bed with the bottom arm supporting the head. Lift the top leg up and support it on the bed.

Stage 1. With the top hand reach up and grasp the toes of the top leg. Take time and do not strain. Pay attention to where there is stiffness and let it either gradually relax and lengthen or let it jerk lightly back and forward through the tension to relax and lengthen.

Stage 2. With top leg still supported on the bed and head still supported on bottom arm use the fingers of top hand to locate the knob just below the back of the ear about level with the bottom of the earlobe. This little knob is the outer ‘wing’ of the top bone in the spine. It has strong sinews attached to it. Press gently with a finger to feel whether these sinews are very tight. If they are continue to press patiently and allow them to relax. The body may want to move position somewhat. Allow it to do so. For example the shoulders may change alignment the head lift the spine lengthen – but don’t take these as given – let the body tell it’s own story. The leg that is supported on the bed may be easier to straighten fully.

Stage 3. With finger still gently pressing the sinews where they attach to the knob move head and line of vision very slowly in an arc backwards to look in a continuous arc as far as possible while keeping the sinews completely relaxed and the arc of vision unbroken and no pain. If at any stage the sinews start to tense back off a little before continuing the movement.

Now change to the other side of the body. This will involve shifting 180 degrees to align in the opposite direction on the floor facing the bed. Then repeat the above 3 stages.