• Email to Premier of QLD Anna Bligh MP 16/12/2009 9:23pm declaring State of Emergency


I hereby declare a State of Emergency in regards to climate change.

‘Business-as-usual’ is not an option.

Action must be taken with great speed and all government volunteer organizations and every available person in the community must be mobilized.

Our everyday lives will change dramatically as a result of this State of Emergency but that must happen to whatever extent is necessary to solve the global climate emergency we are in and return the climate to safe levels.

Speed of response is crucial and we need planning central coordination committed teamwork on-the-ground initiative. No effort must be spared. People must be given leave from regular jobs.

The tasks are so challenging – building a zero-emissions economy taking carbon out of the air and finding the means to cool the planet – that every scrap of productive capacity is required.

Confronting this global climate emergency is the highest priority.

Non-essential functions and consumption are likely to need to be curtailed or rationed. Emergency project teams will need to be developed.

Failure is not an option.

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Citizen of Australia and the State of Queensland
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  • Email to Premier of QLD Anna Bligh MP17/12/2009

Dear Premier

As part of the State of Emergency with regards to the global climate emergency I urge you contribute to the initial immense challenge of building knowledge and awareness by requiring every public servant in Queensland to spend at least two hours of their work time each day forthwith to familiarizing themselves with the sound body of climate change research that currently exists.

There is an urgent need to build deep understanding of the current harsh facts. Sir Winston Churchill recognized this in World War II and made it a top priority.

I commend this proposal to you in this State of Emergency.

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Citizen of Australia and the State of Queensland