Exploring names for this campaign.

One idea that attracted me is “Harden Up” – it comes from the discussion that mothers are having about how soft we’re turning our children with making everything super-safe in playgrounds.

Hardening up is the opposite of softening up. Softening up is what happens when we put on flab and let our muscles go to jelly.

Hardening up and toughening up are also ideas around being stronger. They ooze resilience. Nothing much resilient about us when we are weak and flabby. It takes toughness to do a lot of the things that resilience requires. We need to be able to walk garden protect ourselves. Our soldiers and SES are a good model – they promote strength and capability and toughness not flab.

Toughening up 10% is such a tiny bit! But it would actually be an immense achievement if our whole community did it.

Turn 10% of our flab into a firmer belly tougher muscles a trimmer waistline.

If we did just that we’d beat the Queensland average by heaps and the Australian average. We’d be national stars. Let’s do it. Let’s All Toughen Up The Grove Together Ten Percent!