The Parents Jury is an online forum supported by the Cancer Council and Diabetes Australia that helps parents advocate improved children’s food and physical activity environments.

They call for a ban on unhealthy food and drink TV advertisements and for govenemtn restrictions on other unhealthy food marketing aimed at children including internet and email marketing in-store and on-pack promtions that target children celebrity endorsement giveaways and competitions.

At its 6th annual Fame & Shame Awards it awarded:

Pester Power Award:
[ul]Winner – Kellogg’s LCMs
Runners-up – McDonald’s Happy Meals
Nabisco Oreos[/ul]

The Smoke and MIrrors Award:
[ul]Winner – Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain
Runners-up – Kellogg’s Coco Pops O’s
Nestle MILO cereal[/ul]

The Smoke and Mirrors award is for promoting a sugard cereal as being good for young children. Nutri-Grain has 9g of sugar per cup of cereal and is high in sodium and low in fibre.

These are 6 products that are sold in the upper Kedron Brook valley. Obesity is one of the consistent contributors to the major categories of disease in our community.

Leaving these products out of our shopping baskets could be a step to reducing obesity and building good health in our community. Not hard to do.