{accordion}Indigenous people::

  • “The original occupants of the land north of the Brisbane River including the north-west suburbs were the Duke of York’s clan.  The unusual name of the clan came from the title bestowed on the elder who was the great chief of the Brisbane tribe.  The members of the tribe were river fishermen.  There were a number of bora rings (ceremonial sites) in the area with two at Keperra (which is how the suburb derived its name) but these have been destroyed by development.  ”  “Aboriginal Pathways in Southeast Queensland and the Richmond River” written by J. G. Steele and published by University of Queensland Press.

||||Wahminda Park tennis courts::

History of the tennis courts set up by the Ferny Hills Progress Association

||||Cedar Creek Cemetery::

  • The Cedar Creek Cemetery was restored through the combined efforts of the Ferny Grove and Keperra District Progress Association the Golden Valley Keperra Lions Club the Mitchelton Rotary Club and the descendants of those whose ancestors were pioneers in the district. A Bicentennial Project. November 1988
  • In memory of the pioneers of the Cedar Creek district buried in this cemetery:
  • James Belshaw
  • James Belshaw
  • Kendall Boreham1906
  • Harry Eborall
  • Alexander Levitt 1898
  • John McGinn 191
  • Sarah McGinn 1912
  • Harry Sanders Marshall
  • Elizabeth Marshall 1921
  • Esme Joan Marshall 1931
  • Raymond Thomas Marshall 1947
  • Sarah Ann Marshall 1945
  • Thomas Marshall 1945
  • Thomas Marshall 1987
  • Harry Marshall 1927
  • Arthur Ernest Marshall 1910
  • Ivy Merle Pickering 1934
  • Valma Doris Pickering 1937
  • Richard Stokes 1937
  • Martha Stokes 1947
  • Henrietta Sutton 1922
  • In loving memory of our dear son Arthur Ernest Marshall. Died Sept. 28th 1910 aged 10 years. We miss thee here but hope to come where thou hast gone before.
  • In fond memory Alexander Levitt. Died 31 May 1898 aged 62 years
  • In loving memory of our darling daughters Ivy Merle Pickering. Died 18th Dec 1934 aged 15 months; and Valma Doris. Died 4th Dec 1937 aged 3 weeks.
  • In loving memory of Kendall L Boreham. Died 7th Feb 1906 aged 3 years.
  • In loving memory of our dear son and brother Raymond Thomas Marshall accidentally killed 25th Dec 1947 aged 12 years. Loved and remembered
  • In loving memory of Esme Joan Marshall. Died 21st June 1931 aged 2 years.
  • In loving memory of Harry eldest son of Thomas and Sarah Ann Marshall. Died 21st May 1927 aged 28 years. “Gone but not forgotten.”
  • In loving memory of : Mother. Sarah Ann Marshall. Died 7th March 1945 aged 73 years.  Father. Thomas Marshall. Died 29th Dec 1945 aged 85 years. At rest.
  • Marshall: Thomas 16-2-1911 – 1-2-1987  Lifetime farmer in Upper Kedron.  Esme Violet nee Melrose  15-1-1911 – 5-5-2004  Teacher

||||World War II honour roll::

Honour Roll Upper Kedron Ferny Grove 1939-1945 (in Cedar Creek Community Hall)

  • George D.M.
  • Graham C.H.
  • Green D.M.
  • Green N.
  • Harris K.G.R.
  • Hooker A.T.
  • Hopper A.W.
  • Horan C.H.
  • Hove R.V.
  • Lowein A.W.
  • McGinn A.H.
  • McGinn J.F.
  • Mole R.
  • Parkinson J.(K.I.A.)
  • Pickering W.H.
  • Snape W.D.
  • Stone E.
  • Thomsett H.R.
  • Thorpe W.J.
  • Thorpe O.A.
  • Walker W.L

||||Train crash on Ferny Grove line::

Train crash

||||Ferny Grove station::

Ferny Grove Station was built  in 1918. Electric train commenced 1979.

||||The Storm November 2008::

The Storm

||||Local farming::

  • Dairy farms vineyards
  • Where Ferny Grove State High School now is used to be a dairy farm.
  • Leslie Patrick Park was named after local dairy farming family. The home-farm site was where the Patricks Rd shops are.
  • Pig farm
  • |||| Historical businesses::

    • The Francis family had a ‘boiling down’ works off Bunya Rd in 1936 producing edible dripping.
    • In 1947 a drum-reconditioning plant set up for 44 gallon drums behind the Council Depot in Bunya Rd.
    • In 1957 a wool scour was installed. Later chrome tanning of sheep and kangaroo hides for export.
    • In 1963 a plant was set up to hold for shipment up to 800 tonnes of liquid tallow. It became known at ‘smelly corner’. Employed up to 35 people.

    ||||St William’s Church::

    The Parish officially began in 1960 with the appointment of Father William Brian Daley as Parish Priest. Before that it was administered by other inner city parishes. In 1957 the St William’s site began with the opening of the Grovely Catholic School in 1957.

    Sunday mass was celebrated in the school rooms each Sunday until 1964 when the old church from Mitchelton was transported and established at Grovely. A new church was built in 1980 for 400 people.

    The parish supports two primary schools St Williams at Grovely and St Andrews at Ferny Grove. St Andrews was built in 1985.

    In March 2004 the redeveloped St William’s Church was opened.

    ||||Timber milling::

    Timber was milled from the forests behind The Grove.

    Species logged were hoop pine cedar silky oak tallowwood and ironbark.

    They were used for house stumps railway sleepers violins and hand-carved furniture.

    ||||Gold mining::

    Around the 1860s gold prospectors staked their claims on quartz-bearing rock in the hope of striking it rich.

    The mines produced only small amounts of gold and were abandoned in the 1950s.

    Old mine shafts and adits are still there along the Golden Boulder track at Bellbird Grove.

  • There was gold mining around Caesar Rd.

    ||||Tiles and bricks::

    Tile kiln

    Where Arana Hills K-Mart Centre now is used to be a brick works.


    There was an earthquake one evening in 2002 with the epicentre in Ferny Grove. It was magnitude 2.8 on the Richter Scale. (It was a warm evening and we were in bed but it made a loud noise and we said: What was that? and went out on the balcony to look but couldn’t see anything.)

    Date: 14 December 2002 at 11.39pm (local time). It was a 2.8 magnitude.* http://www.ga.gov.au/earthquakes/getQuakeDetails.do?quakeId=1105427&orid=2143116&sta=* http://www.ga.gov.au/about-us/news-media/media/releases/2002/15_Dec_2002_brisbane.jsp

    ||||Australian Woolshed::

    Australian Wool Shed with its famous Woolshed Ram Show and sheering sheep dog performances cuddly koalas farm animals wombats emus kangaroos whip-cracking exhibitions waterslide country barn dances souvenir shop cafes and restaurants wedding venue provided a major Brisbane tourist attraction for many years before closing in 2008 to be redeveloped as the housing development Woolshed Grove.

    Over the years it brought many busloads of tourists from Japan and elsewhere to have their photos taken with koalas and be fed and entertained in true Aussie style.

    For some time locals in the streets close by were allowed subsidised meals as thanks for their patience on nights when bush dances kept the valley alive with music.

    ||||Brisbane Tramway Museum::

    Brisbane Tramway Museum

    ||||Constable Brett Irwin::

    Constable Brett Irwin