{accordion}Freshwater mosquitos:: breeding in wet seasons in pools drains swamps and containers in backyards can carry diseases:

  • Ross River Virus – arthritis lethargy rash
  • Barmah Forest Virus – arthritis lethargy rash
  • Heartworm (dogs and cats)

Brisbane City Council runs mosquito control programs spraying with insecticide Bt1 and insect growth regulator Methoprene. They also run checks and education programs on emptying water out of backyard containers where mosquitos breed.


  • Rattus norvegicus
  • Rattus rattus


  • Red belly black snakes
  • Death adders
  • Brown snakes



  • Kedron Brook funnel web spider
  • Red back spiders
  • and quite a few other local spiders are quite venomous

||||Ticks::  very prevalent locally and need prompt attention. There is a long section on Ticks on the Forum.


  • Old asbetos dump site at Maureen Lawrence Park
  • Many local buildings were built with asbestos roofs or walls. Always give it the doubt. It probably is asbestos if it could be.