Australia has been hit by a number of extreme weather events in recent times and there are many who share your concerns regarding the distressing impacts of climate change. Communities and ecosystems have been profoundly impacted by these events to which they are currently not well adapted and often ill-prepared. As we all have families who are impacted by these extremes in one way or another you may find information of use in the Climate Commission report: A Critical Decade: Climate Change and Health available on the website:[url=http://][/url].

Other resources that examine the psychological impacts of climate change include tips from the Australian Psychological Society on dealing with climate change – see and a report by Dr Joesph Reser: [url=]Public Risk Perceptions Understandings and Responses to Climate Change in Australia and Great Britain – Final Repor[/url]t. The results of a survey undertaken by Dr Reser on distress (Question 43) cover the worry or guilt associated with the responsibility of the challenges we face.