Any registered member of Transition The Grove Inc can add new Events to the website Events calendar. It is easy to register and if you are local we encourage you to do so and join in and become active. Local organisations are also encouraged to join and add their events to the Events calendar here.

Transition The Grove’s website is already being looked at with a very high hit rate. We encourage you to tell your friends that it is a place to look for what’s on in the local community.

The more people who are contributing to adding local events the more it will become a reliable valuable list of what is on in The Grove. Make sure you contribute.

If you find there is a Category of event or a Venue that you think needs to be added please take the trouble to get it added. You can do this by the Add Venue link or sending through a Contact Us email. Or you could Reply to this Adding Events thread with.

There are two types of venues: those in The Grove and those outside The Grove. Very few venues outside The Grove are listed. This is because the primary aim of the Events list is to highlight things happening locally around here and not elsewhere.

Some types of events are central to the aims of the Transition Town movement and even though they are not in The Grove they can be added.

Events not in The Grove (Upper Kedron Ferny Grove Ferny Hills Arana Hills Keperra – Grovely) will be removed unless they are very relevant to Transition Towns.

Recurring events can be added but they only show up for the 1st recurrence until that is past so they don’t take over the calendar.

Please enter events that go over multiple days as a recurring event.

An aim of Transition Towns is to support and enrich local culture and organisations to build up links between them and to support the things they are doing.

Thus a local children’s cricket match becomes very valued while a national cricket match at the Gabba is treated as completely irrelevant. Our local heroes become very important.

You can add your personal event such as a garage sale if you wish if it is open to the public to come along.

Sometimes events are not open to the general public but it is still valuable to know they are happening. People might be given a contact person for more information.

Please try to avoid putting email addresses anywhere on this website to avoid having individuals subjected to spam.

There is a facility on the Add Event page for scheduling a meeting between individuals to find a day that suits them all.

You are always able to use the Share This function to Email Twitter or send to Facebook a copy of the Event you have added.

Some events may also be forwarded in a members’ Newsletter to Transition The Grove Inc members who have indicated their interest in that area.