From Monday 17 January 2011 a number of changes will be introduced to TransLink fares and ticketing. Note that fare increases are planned for 2011 2012 2013 and 2014. The basic Go Card fare will be nearly double (75% more) by 2014 than it is now.

The changes include:

* New daily go card cap on fares for Seniors Pension Concession Card holders and Repatriation Health Care Card (Gold Card) holders – after two journeys are made in one day all additional journeys are free.

* Increase in the go card off-peak discount from 10 to 15 per cent providing more incentive to travel during the day and on weekends or public holidays.

* go card fares and single paper ticket fares will increase by 15 per cent – a go card fare will still be 30 per cent cheaper for a single journey.

* go card will replace all multi-trip paper tickets – including all daily weekly monthly and Queensland Rail one-third student paper tickets.

* Single paper tickets will remain for sale to ensure infrequent users and tourists are able to easily access public transport.

For more information: [url=]TransLink[/url] 13 12 30 any time.