Speaking to someone who knows about these things tonight and he was most interested in the story about the old kilns found under the Ferny Grove Station carpark next to and under the Conavalla St footpath.

It is too late now but apparently the Environmental Protection Agency is the key contact about any historical sites and they come under legislation to protect them if they are old enough (about 1950).

By acting fast some members of the Local History Subgroup were able to save a trailer-load of the old kiln bricks (with permission). We also got a few photos of the (at that stage) still intact kiln under the pavement.

At the moment these are just being stored but we are now being urged to approach Queensland Rail to get these bricks incorporated in some way into the new station as a part of our local history.

It would also be most valuable if we could get a sense of how long ago the kilns were built and active.