The great transition cannot be made without us engaging our hearts in the process and dealing with our addictions and the intense feelings that we will have.

The Heart provides us with a toolbox of processes to help us deal with our feelings as we transition through a period of enormous change in all our lives. We will be leaving behind the world as we currently know it and undertaking an adventurous journey together learning to live in very new ways. We will need each other like we never have before. We will need social and moral understandings to help us bond and cooperate together.

More than anything we will need hope and sources of joy to replenish our hearts through the challenges we will face. We will journey without guarantees of finding a safe haven but we will journey living in a meaningful way doing the things that make sense working together on the creation of visions for a resilient future. We will celebrate our journey celebrate our successes honour our leaders and our visionaries and those who join in to make it possible.

We will appreciate as never before the home environment of The Grove where we live and we will learn to care for every part of it. We will grow close to the soil close to the plants and animals and birds and more than anything close to each other. We will learn that every single one of us has a part to play in making our community strong caring and deeply resilient. We will pick each other up and start again. We will sing together break bread together and we will be thankful for our wealth and resources. We will rediscover frugality. We will learn never to waste. We will learn to know our ecology and the boundaries of our wonderful Kedron Brook’s catchment and we will live and make our lives here together.