I came across the advertisement for this in the North West News and thought this is different – worth a try. It is not quite local – North West Physiotherapy is at the shopping centre at 125 Flockton St Everton Park. 3353 4111

Having now tried the equipment out I’ll definitely go back for the full program.

They stick little sensor things on your lower spine. Then there is a set of 3 exercise programs to do following cartoon characters on a screen – and the sensors on your spine give feedback whether you achieve the task or not so you get a score. They set mine on Easy first up but I had to really work and learn because they used at least one set of muscles I didn’t know existed in my spine. I exercised for only about 11 minutes in all but it feels big. I think I’ll learn a lot from it. Great stuff.

It works on getting full movement and balance in the pelvis.

It is called Valedo Motion equipment and I think they said there are only 2 in Queensland at the moment.