Population growth in The Grove and regions close by
Upper KedronThe Upper Kedron region of The Grove has been identified as an area where increased population can be channelled. Attempts to track down exact projected growth figures growth rates and eventual population of Upper Kedron and The Grove have so far not turned up the exact planning figures but have located the BCC’s Cityplan 2000  Local Area plan for this region.
MitcheltonThe Mitchelton area around Blackwood St Osborne Rd McConaghy St Brookside Prospect Rd and a fringe residential precinct is planned for increased height restrictions between 3 and 10 storeys.
Concerned local residents from Mitchelton Action Group (spokesperson Paul Poulus) are concerned that the draft Neighbourhood Plan would brind an influx of up to 20000 new residents into Mitchelton in the next 20 years. We have estimated if every block were developed it would lead to somewhere between 29000 and 40000 new residents in a compact area. The planning professionals and urban designers tested the plans within the building constraints and they showed an estimated uptake of more than 2200 was unlikely.

The Neighbourhood Plan is a concept plan and it is important to get community input about what the community wants.