Lord Mayor’s Sustainability Grants provides funding for things like solar hot water systems photovoltaic panels rainwater tanks…

There are two rounds each year.

The suburbs of Upper Kedron Ferny Grove and Keperra have only been successful once. We need to learn to apply for grants like this if we want good things for our area. Some areas are very good at applying for grants and those areas become very flush with facilities accordingly. It is up to us!!! There are well over 15226 of us now (that was the 2006 Census)and we pay a lot of rates. Let’s ask for some of it for The Grove.

2007/2008 round 1: Nil
2007/2008 round 2: Ferny Grove Bowls $33819.09 to instal rainwater tanks
2008/2009 round 1: Nil
2008/2009 round 2: Nil
2009/2010 round 1: Nil