Parents will spend a lot of money sending children back to school.

There are additionally school lunches school fees other ongoing expenses.

Uniforms: $178 average
School books: $123

Average back to school costs per child per year:
[ul]Private $$742
Public – $514[/ul]

[ul]High school $805
Primary school $387[/ul]

List expenses:
Stationary & school books
School camps
Hobby musical instrument sport

The Federal Government’s Education Tax Refund is designed to help. Keep all dockets to be able to claim.

Is there a second-hand bookshop or a second-hand uniform shop?

Label everything to prevent the cost of replacing lost items.

Pack lunches rather than giving money. One alarming local feature are the big groups of students that come to local shops before school in the morning and line up for lollies softdrinks and biscuits.