[url=http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/08/12/2980671.htm?section=justin]Survey reveals pollies’ climate change confusion[/url]

By Margot O’Neill for Lateline

The survey showed that many politicians were unsure about the consequences of global warming (ABC TV: Chris Keane)

A new survey of Australian politicians shows a clear majority believe climate change is happening but many appear to be unsure about some of its consequences.

The University of Queensland (UQ) survey of more than 300 federal state and local government politicians found that nearly 70 per cent believed human-induced climate change was happening and rated it as one of Australia’s most important challenges.

But more than 40 per cent of those questioned said they believed it would be safe for the planet to warm by 4 degrees Celsius despite scientific warnings that a global temperature increase of 2 degrees or more could be dangerous.

The survey also uncovered confusion about what climate change really meant.