We love this time of year for being able to comfortably get out in the garden again and do a whole lot of work on maintenance jobs that were a bit hot to do in summer.

Weeding of course but also attending to the soil pruning some plantings strengthening up trellises potting up some cuttings and seedlings….

This is the time of year I wish we had a shared mulcher. Then I remember the experiences we have had loaning out a mulcher – it consistently came back abused. It is very sad that people often don’t look after other people’s things all that well. Gradually we’ve done a rethink and reckon that the ‘mulching service’ provided by the local tips (especially Bunya Tip where you can buy the mulch back chipped up for almost nothing; but also Ferny Grove Transfer Station where it does get used but not by us locals!!!) for a tipping fee (or a waste voucher) is an alternative to owning our own mulchers.