Garage Sales::

Another way to find a new home for useful goods you no longer want is to hold a garage sale or have a stall at the local markets.

LaughingIf you are a member of Transition The Grove you can announce your garage sale on the Community Calendar at no charge.

||||Ferny Grove Markets:: (Flea market plants fruit and veges books furniture) is held every Sunday 6am-noon Ferny Grove Railway Station carpark.

Contact 0418 721 751 about stalls or you can just turn up (early)

Stalls at the Ferny Grove markets cost ???$16 per bay. Get there early to choose a bay. Regular stall-holders will have already laid claim to many spots but you should be able to find some free ones. Someone will come and get payment from you.

||||Swap Events::

When your local group next has a gettogether why not agree that every person who brings an item to swap receives a Swap Voucher? If you bring 3 items you get 3 Swap Vouchers. At some stage everyone chooses an item they would like from the Swap Table and pays for it with a Swap Voucher.