An old nurses’ saying. A warning to avoid constipation.

Easier said than done some might say but remember some easy aids to make it much easier to go to the toilet:

[li]Press with a finger on the perineum (the area of skin between the anus and genitals) to give extra muscle power to the movement.
[li]Buy or make a footstool to go in front of the toilet. It needs to be strong enough so that when feet are propped up on it they can press down quite firmly. The white plastic footstools from hardware shops work well although a bit higher is even better. If you are a handman and wanted to make the super-duper version of this make two raised blocks one for each side of the toilet pillar and make them with parts for the feet that slope down at an angle so that when sitting on the loo it is possible to press down and backwards.[/li]
[li]If anus is sore (?piles…) a light application of olive oil will definitely help[/li]
[li]Dehydration and lack of fats in the diet make it harder. Drinking enough water each day will stop the body absorbing too much water back from the matter in the bowel and leave things softer.[/li]
[li]Allow time.[/li]