I’m feeling very angry about what is happening at the moment.

Carers are the group in our society who I think get the toughest deal do the hardest job give and give and keep giving. Often they die before the person they are caring for simply worn out. Caring can be emotionally and physically exhausting and economically impoverishing.

From what I’ve read in the paper the Newman Government has now cut the following services for carers:
“Carers were told via letters late last month that Disability and Community Care Services would no longer provide funding for a range of services including transport pharmaceutical products incontinence aids sibling support and carer education.”

The Newman Government has also refused to chip in any cash to allow the National Disability Insurance Scheme to benefit people with a disability in Queensland. This also affects carers greatly.

To anyone out in our community who is a carer or who is looking after a person with a disability I offer condolences and if there is any way we can possibly help please let us know. This just shouldn’t happen.