At present we are not catching drinking water in The Grove from the river catchments.

Many residents are catching water on their own properties in tanks or swimming pools.

Some are using swales to get the water to soak into the ground rather than running straight off.

Schools and clubs have installed big rainwater tanks.

On farming land in Upper Kedron there are dams.

Some weirs have been built across Cedar Creek and Kedron Brook creating lagoons

The Grove has a fair number of lakes mainly old quarries filled with water.

  • Keperra Sanctuary
  • The quarry on Upper Kedron Rd has a finite life. The Brisbane City Council’s Cityplan 2000 suggests that upon completion of quarry activities the site is to be stabilised and rehabilitated for potential to accommodate recreation uses. There is a beautiful lake with birds and rushes in the grounds of the quarry grounds.

    The Grove is very close to Enoggera Reservoir (just south of the Mt Nebo Rd border of The Grove and our drinking water comes from there.