Food & food growing interest group

We recognise the need to build local food supply systems to provide a local alternative to our current globally-based food supply systems.

People around the globe are increasingly food insecure, and it is only a matter of time before our own food supplies will be impacted as variables like climate change, population growth, transport fuel supply, phosphate, soil and water supply increase pressures.

At a local level, we apply these understandings to:

  • value skills associated with horticulture, animal husbandry, Permaculture, aquaculture, bee-keeping and food growing
  • initiate and support home garden, community and school garden, and urban agriculture projects
  • identify local resources for food growing, skilling, and processing
  • buy local from local food businesses and farmers markets
  • buy food in bulk cooperatively or direct from growers
  • learn and practice skills of cooking, drying, preserving, brewing, fermenting and storing food supplies
  • promote local produce
  • support local farmers¬†
  • support emergency food distribution networks to ensure everyone local has sufficient to eat
  • identify key gaps in our food supply locally, and begin to fill them


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