Environment Interest Group

We all live on one Earth together, and are dependent on the ecosystems it provides.


At a local level, our resilience is increased by reducing our dependence on ecosystem services and resources from elsewhere.


Understanding the place we live in is part of the journey to learning to live sustainably.

  • What is the carrying capacity of this valley and creek catchment that we live in?
  • Can we replace some of our ecosystem imports and rely on our own local systems?
  • What species share it with us?
  • What ecosystem services does our local environment provide?
  • How do we look after our local ecosystems to keep them in pristine condition and to avoid damaging them?
  • How do we manage weeds?
  • How do we manage fire?
  • How can we live with the local ecosystems to find a balance to meet our own human needs to eat (food, energy, housing,...) without destabilising the ecosystems on which we are dependent for fresh air, water to drink & grow, soil to grow, stable climate, refreshment & renewal, sharing with the web of living species that work together to keep the whole ecosystem operating healthily (bats pollenating trees, bees pollenating flowers, worms making soil, ...)


Our members are:

  • working with local Catchment Management Groups (Kedron Brook Catchment Management Group; Northern Rivers Catchment Management Groups) in active roles
  • working with local bushcare groups and bush regeneration (Men of the Trees)
  • participating in local species surveys (fish, frogs, birds, gliders,...)
  • discussing the philosophy of conservation, seeking to understand how it applies locally in an environment shared with over 30,000 people in a model of living locally
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