Transport types

The types of transport operating in The Grove are:



Ambulances and emergency vehicles

Queensland Ambulance Service

Transport services for the elderly or disabled

Brisbane mobility map

Maxi Taxis

Taxi Subsidy Scheme

Community Transport Services

Council Cabs


Ferny Grove Line


Brisbane Transport buses

Route 367 from Upper Kedron to Ferny Grove Shopping Village & Ferny Grove Station & Great Western Shopping Centre

Routes 398 from Ferny Grove Station via Arana Hills K-Mart, Dawson Pde & Samford Rd to Brookside Shopping Centre

Route 397 from Ferny Grove Station via Arana Hills K-Mart & Everton Park to Brookside Shopping Centre

Route 396 from Brookside Shopping Centre via Everton Park to Collins Rd, Arana Hills

Route ??? from Keperra Station to The Gap via Great Western Shopping Centre

Brisbane Bus Line buses

Route 399 from Ferny Grove Station to Samford Village & Highvale

Great Circle Line buses 598 and 599 operate from Brookside Shopping Centre

School buses

Courtesy buses

Arana Leagues Club Courtesy Bus for club members picks up and drops home to your door.  Contact  3354 1333 to book the Courtesy Bus if you are a member of Arana Leagues Club.

Charter buses

Midi-Bus charter bus service. 2 Monaro Cres, Ferny Hills. 3351 2647


Brisbane Tramway Museum


Electric vehicles

Motor vehicles using carbon fuels

Car pooling

Private cars


Mechanical services

Fuel supplies

Trucks, tractors, graders, backhoes, heavy machinery

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