TTG INVITES BBQ this Sunday and Christmas Dinner 13 Dec

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 First an apology for our mix-up. We got the 3rd Sunday wrong this month! The 22nd is the 4th Sunday. Anyway, our Community Gathering for November is this Sunday, 22nd November. Very much hope you can be there!

Second, a change of date for our December Traditional Christmas Dinner. Wally has been called by circumstances beyond his control for the date arranged, and has asked it to be moved to the week before, Sunday 13th December.

We'd love to have your participation in the upcoming events, and please be part of spreading the word about them to your local friends. If you are planning to bring a friend, please RSVP to 0439 480 918 for catering purposes.

Transition The Grove Community Gathering/BBQ

48 Corrofin St, Ferny Grove. 5:30pm on Sunday 22nd November

Salads & desserts provided. Please bring your own choice of protein to bbq, and drinks to share. If hot and you'd like a swim, bring bathers.

Discussion topic for the evening:Our consumption: an eternal summer?

Choose one(1) of the following to prepare to share your consumption experiences for up to 5 minutes with the group.

Visual-Spatial/Images/Pictures: Create a visual story of your consumption of an item such as food, clothing or transport. Include the light and dark sides in your visual story. Where does the story lead?

Interpersonal People Networking: Share about how you consume to manage your interpersonal work or social life. What driving is involved? How much going out to coffee shops or restaurants and parties and clubs? What do you spend money on for gifts? How does people networking drive your consumption?

"Natur"alist: How do you 'consume' nature? Think broadly to include the source of products you consume. When/where do you immerse yourself in nature?

Intrapersonal/Introspective: When you spend time 'alone with yourself', what is consumed? What sorts of workshops and retreats do you go to? What personal collections do you have? How does pampering yourself involve consumption?

Spiritual: Does your experience of the sacred mesh or clash with your consumption behaviour? Is consumerism your God? In what ways are your church/beliefs linked with the marketplace and consumption? In what ways do you share in community consumption/shared ownership?

Body/Kinaesthetic/Hands on/Practical/Physical/Energetic:  How does your body drive your consumption? Share about your consumption of sporting gear, gym or fitness class memberships, tools, hobby equipment, gardening (plants/soil/additives)

Sound/Music/Song/Rhythm: Tell us about how you organize your consumption of music. What concerts and festivals do you go to? Do you download music? Do you play an instrument? Have you taken music lessons?

Logic/Mathematics/Numbers/Data: Share with us the numerical story of your electricity and water consumption for the last year, using your bills as a data source. Explain trends and peaks and troughs. Why are you above or below average?

Verbal/Linguistic/Reading/Writing:  How do you consume books and ideas? Where do you go to share conversations about ideas with people? What books and magazines do you buy? What is your relationship with libraries? Describe your Internet usage, and plan. What would be your typical monthly data download?

We will aim to divide the time for sharing evenly between the people attending, then finish the evening with a general reflection on where our consumption patterns are leading us in the future. How sustainable are they? Are they 'worth' the carbon they generate?

Please let us know if you are unable to attend (0439 480 918) to help us plan for future meetings to take your needs into account.


For your diary: December Transition The Grove Community Gathering will be our annual Traditional Christmas Dinner at Wally Wight's. Sunday 13th December in the evening.  Start planning now to find or create an almost no cost fully recycled or home made present to contribute to the 'Secret Santa' for the evening! Let Wally know your favorite Christmas party game. Please also think about any special guests we should invite.




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