EVENT: 18 October TTG Community Gathering - Topic - Consumption

Transition The GrovePO Box 471

Ferny Hills DC  QLD  4055


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Transition The Grove's Community Gathering - Sunday 18th October, 5:30pm - 8pm

at Anne and John's, 48 Corrofin St, Ferny Grove.

Curry night. Please bring something on this theme for a shared meal. Vege curry and rice will be provided.

Topic: Where does Transition stand on consumption?

Consumption is getting a lot of attention in relation to the global climate.  Put simply, it is not just how many people are consuming, but how much some are consuming.

  • What type of way of life is sustainable?
  • How could 7 billion people live within the sustainable ecological carrying capacity of this planet? OR [closer to home] How can 50,000 of us live within the sustainable ecological carrying capacity of The Grove?!
  • Will we have to consume less, or differently, or what in future?
  • How and where are the disparities between what we consume, and what we produce locally?
  • Are we prepared, in any ways at all, to live on locally produced goods alone?
  • Can we increase local production?
  • What do we personally produce (locally)?
  • What do we consume?
  • What would we do if our pipeline of freely flowing consumer goods was turned off for any reason?
  • How does our consumption fuel debt?

The AELA workshop last month "Let's Talk About Consumption" is now followed by the Pope's encyclical on climate and it includes a strong theme about consumption.

Dr Samuel Alexander featured on ABC Life Matters on the topic of Voluntary Radical Simplicity also has a lot to say about consumption. He is at Melbourne University's Sustainable Lifestyle Institute.

A comment: In doing, making and repairing there is a tremendous pleasure (not in consuming).

So many possible angles to this topic. Let's give it a poke, have a meal together, and continue to get to build our Transition community.

Do feel welcome to invite some of your local friends, but let Anne know who is coming for catering purposes on 0439 480 918 thanks.




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