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 1. Coming Events

Transition The Grove's Community Gathering - Sunday 18th October, 5:30pm

at Anne and John's, 48 Corrofin St, Ferny Grove.

Curry night. Please bring something on this theme for a shared meal.

Topic: Where does Transition stand on consumption?

Consumption is getting a lot of attention in relation to the global climate.  Put simply, it is not just how many people are consuming, but how much some are consuming.

  • What type of way of life is sustainable?
  • How could 7 billion people live within the sustainable ecological carrying capacity of this planet? OR [closer to home] How can 50,000 of us live within the sustainable ecological carrying capacity of The Grove?!
  • Will we have to consume less, or differently, or what in future?
  • How and where are the disparities between what we consume, and what we produce locally?
  • Are we prepared, in any ways at all, to live on locally produced goods alone?
  • Can we increase local production?
  • What do we personally produce (locally)?
  • What do we consume?
  • What would we do if our pipeline of freely flowing consumer goods was turned off for any reason?
  • How does our consumption fuel debt?

The AELA workshop last month "Let's Talk About Consumption" is now followed by the Pope's encyclical on climate and it includes a strong theme about consumption. Some of those who have read it thoroughly, like Sandra Bayley, regard it as one of the most important climate documents so far.

Dr Samuel Alexander featured on ABC Life Matters on the topic of Voluntary Radical Simplicity. He is at Melbourne University's Sustainable Lifestyle Institute.

A comment: In doing, making and repairing there is a tremendous pleasure (not in consuming).

So many possible angles to this topic. Let's give it a poke, have a meal together, and continue to get to build our Transition community.

Do feel welcome to invite some of your local friends, but let Anne know who is coming for catering purposes on 0439 480 918 thanks.

White Egret Little Corella





Some of the local bird life seen on a recent bird walk along Kedron Brook

One-day Soil Conference, 18th October, 8:00am-2:30pm

Millen Farm, Samford. $125

Managing the Transition to a Sustainable Economy 2-day conference, 22-23 October, 8:30am start.  The Ship Inn, S06, Griffith University, Southbank. $65. RSVP by 8th October.

2. Last meeting report - Preparing for the possibility of oil supply disruption.

We met at Wally Wight's and he led the discussion for the evening on the topic of possible disruption to oil supply, and what steps we might take locally. The discussion turned to the theme of local transport, and the group decided to keep a diary of the travel they took for a week, and the methods they used. Q. What decided the method and need for travel? What blocks were there to some of the less oil-dependent methods?

3. Management Committee report

  • Renewal of membership of the Kedron Brook Catchment Brook
  • Communicating about climate change - a thaw is starting to happen. How can we do it? The proposal is to have a survey (short set of conversation starter questions) and invite all members to do the survey of about 10 people. This could be anything from door-knocking locals (hard, but those who have done it can find it very rewarding and you learn a great deal) to asking people you know. The key thing will be to start having conversations.
  • Local MP visits. We've visited Mark Furner in Ferny Grove state electorate. That still leaves Tim Mander and Kate Jones at state level. How do you think this should be handled?  Also, our Federal MP for Dickson, Peter Dutton, has been in the news a great deal with his comments on Pacific Islanders and sea level rises because of climate change.
  • Coming out of each community meeting topic, we want to update the Transition The Grove website materials in that topic area. For example, the meeting at Wally's on preparing for oil supply disruption raised a lot of issues about local transport, so it would make sense to work carefully through all the links on Transport on the website.  If you have web skills or enjoy exploring your local community resources, there are ways that you could help. Audits of local resources and assets are an on-going opportunity to get involved.

 4. Reports from around and about

  • The Pope's climate encyclical is a call to everyone, not just Catholics, and as Sandra put it: This is one of the most important documents about climate change. A forum was held at St William's to explain some of the document, and Transition The Grove was represented.
  • KBCB Bird WalkAnne and John went on the Bird Walk (happen locally each month on 1st Sunday) - details on Kedron Brook Catchment Group website. Thoroughly enjoyable, and surprising to discover the richness of waterbird life hidden away down in the Brook.
  • Never thought I'd be sitting on the corner of Waterworks Rd and the entrance to St John's Wood as part of a candlelight vigil to 'stand with the Pope on climate action' along with similar vigils all over the world. Ten people turned up and a lot of sharing and discussion happened about climate and what we were doing locally. It was very moving.
  • ABC Radio National had an interview with people from the 'Preparer's movement', also known in the US as Preppers.  Apparently it is big in the US, including business initiatives.  They seem to share a lot of ideas with the Transition movement. We could learn from them in the very direct way they are addressing the topic of preparing - not with fear, but with planning and action to be able to address some of the situations which might arise.
  • Alison Bird was interviewed on 4ZZZ Eco radio about LETS. Very excited.

5. Local Health

Wow! We've been saying for some time now "80% of the nation's health budget isn't needed." Sure, that is a throwaway line, unsupported by accurate statistics, but it isn't a wild guess. Our collection of ways to stay healthy locally without resorting to medical insurance, big hospitals and big pharma is so productive it has led us to make the statement and stick to it. Now the Federal Health MInister is coming well down the same path, saying that 30% of the health budget is wasted on useless or damaging procedures!!!

Two areas we think there are huge gains to be made are:

  • preventative health
  • health literacy education.

Health literacy is where we are educated to know how to use health information sites, and understand how to interpret them. There are excellent health resources out there (we can share stories about sites we have found and use reliably ourselves). Here are a couple to get started on:

Exercise cuts the risk of dying from cancer - Walking a mile a day can cut risk of dying from breast or prostate cancer by 40% and help with treatment side-effects, according to a  study, says Macmillan Denis Campbell, health correspondent The Guardian, Friday 29 August 2014. Alison Bird has more information on this.

CPR and First Aid Training

 Recently Alison and John attended a CPR course held in the Mt Nebo community hall. It was an excellent opportunity to learn (or revise) this vital skill and run through all the dos and don'ts for first response when someone becomes unconscious.

Apparently in Seattle the mortality rate for heart attacks is incredibly low and this is attributed to an impressive 80% of the population who are proficient with CPR. The Mt Nebo presenters posed this as a community goal, especially for the mountain region where an ambulance might take 25 minutes to reach someone in need.

Do you know what to do if you're the first to the scene of an emergency? Are you up to date with the guidelines for Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), expired air resuscitation, defibrillation? Do you know the protocol denoted by the mnemonic DRSABCD?

First aid knowledge and competence is a very basic factor in community resilience and it is one of the important ways we can support the local paramedics and First Response volunteers who are saving lives. We can support and attend CPR training events in our neighbourhood.




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