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 Newsletter July 2015

1. Coming Events

  • Transition The Grove Community Meeting for July. 3rd Sunday (19th July) at 6:00pm - 8:00pm. Venue: Carolyn Turton's, 37 Leckmy St, Ferny Grove.

Topic: Sport, Dance and Recreation Locally - renewing our bodies, having fun, and making  friendship networks.

Our member Carolyn, our hostess and leader for the evening, is one of the people who runs the popular 'Strong People Stay Young' U3A classes 4 times weekly at the Ferny Grove Fishing Club in Everton Hills.

Let's share our ideas and experiences about local recreation opportunities that we have found.

Carolyn will also lead us through some easy balance exercises.

Once again, it will be a shared potluck meal, so if you can please bring food to share.

  • Resilience Award 2015 Presentation. This will be done at the Community Meeting at Carolyn's on the 19th July.
  • Hillbrook School Enoggera- Sustainability Day- 9-3pm Saturday August 15

 2. Meeting Report of TTG's June Meeting on Community Exchange

At the meeting on 21st June, the theme was COMMUNITY EXCHANGE. Transition The Grove joined with members of Brisbane Local Exchange Trading System (BrisLETS) for an evening at Alison Bird's home. This included a talk, a LETS game that demonstrates the workings of an exchange system, discussion, then a potluck dinner and even some trading of goods and services.

LETS Workshop

Brisbane has an active community exchange system with a website here - Every BrisLETS member has a trading account and starts with a zero balance, then they can buy and sell goods and services without money. For each trade, the seller enters the transaction in the accounting software online. Account balances may go into debit or credit and everyone is encouraged to keep aiming for zero. There's no interest involved and LETS units mean nothing until they are spent.

Alison's talk about LETS emphasized how community exchange systems are a return to the basics of looking after the well-being of the community, and they are fundamentally different to the conventional money system. Exchange dates back to prehistoric times, but money is much more recent, created around 700BC as a medium to pay obligations to the large public institutions. With money there is always potential for a power imbalance and corruption.

Community exchange systems have qualities of balance and equity. LETS is an experiment in sharing resources in the community with a system that is not easily derailed by greed.

In countries around the world where there has been an economic crisis, the ones that fared the best have been those with a local exchange system in place. Not only is LETS an effective strategy in community building and resilience regarding an uncertain future, but it also complements our budgets right now, putting food on the table and building trusted networks for support and problem-solving. In addition, the system helps people to be very creative in their offers and wants and it can empower individuals to find out about themselves that they are capable of many more skills than they realised.

Alison's presentation generated much discussion, while the opportunity to participate in trading also helped everyone to consider this concept and its possibilities. This was a successful event and an enjoyable occasion for networking between two community groups with similar interests.

SUGGESTION: Think about what you have to trade or exchange, and use Transition meetings to swap or offer services.

3. In the News

  • ABC Four Corners 'End of Coal'
  • News is coming through from sources like GetUp that Abbott Point coal development (Adani) looks like falling over.
  • Pope Francis released his encyclical on climate change
  • President Obama and David Attenborough's meeting on David's 89th birthday, and get very serious about overpopulation and climate change.
  • Retired US admiral visits Australia and warns that climate change is biggest security threat and US, Germany and UK are addressing it as such.
  • Global financial stability once again wobbling as Greece and China shake the world up financially. [Couldn't Greece do with an alternative community exchange method right now!]
  • Spine xrays and CAT scans are leading to too many interventions that are raising spine pain levels, rather than less pain in the population. ABC Health Report with Norman Swan. Local health flash: Consider doing without spine xrays and CAT scans.
  • Oil tanker held up because owners refuse to employ Australian workers. Australia is almost totally dependent on imported oil from Singapore via oil tankers. We have very few days' supply in the whole country.

4. From Workshops

  • Nicole Foss at The Planting at Woodford reckons that global financial collapse will be one of the first major things we'll face that are being precipitated by climate change.
  • Our member Wally Wight was one of the presenters at the Community Infrastructure Forum at QUT on 24 June. Wally spoke about Peak Oil.Community Infrastructure Forum
  • Calcium (think lime) is a very valuable nutrient in your garden soil to feed your plants.  It plays a crucial role in unlocking nutrients so they are available to the soil microorganisms which then feed them to plant roots. It is also a nutrient the plants needs.
  • Making very good soil - the key questions are: How do we make good soil? and How do we source the raw materials for good soil?  Right now we are pooling knowledge and ideas.
  • Green walls - use very good soil to plant into for green walls, because you'll need it to last.
  • Hay bales make great surrounds for compost heaps.

5. Scenario to get you thinking and planning

Scenario: Oil tankers held up in some way and oil supply to Australia stops or slows down to a dribble.

Reference text: Amanda Ripley: 'The Unthinkable: who survives when disaster strikes - and why'

Step One:  Denial.

Step Two: What Could You Do?

Your Task: Go through step one.  What are all the things you might tell yourself to deny the problem? Then go through step two. What can you do? How quickly should you act? What triggers can you identify that tell you to act fast?



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