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 In case you missed it in the May Newsletter, here are the details again:

Transition The Grove's May Community Meeting will be on the topic of Soil.

Date: Sunday May 17th.

3:30pm we will meet first at The HOG (Hills District Community Garden) to look at their composting setup. The HOG is at the Dog Off Leash Area on Bunya Rd, Ferny Hills (RHS after the tip heading towards Bunya)

4:30pm we will go on to Mac and Dominique Campbell's place, 24 Elizabeth St, Everton Hills. Mac makes an artform out of making excellent soil and has created a beautiful garden with rich soil beds. We'll have a garden tour and Mac will share with us some of his secret soil-making practices.

Then we'll explore some of the rich world of ideas and knowledge around soil, its essential nature, how important it is to human survival, and how to make and care for it.

What to bring: 
  • A sample of soil from your own garden (best to take it from 6 inches down, and avoid contamination - put it is a clean plastic bag or jar)
  • Something to share for a Pot Luck Dinner together.

We'll have a high-powered electronic microscope so that you can see if your soil is alive with microorganisms and fungi.

We'll aim to do some tests on your samples to check the soil quality.

This is the UN Year of Soil, and it is very topical. Did you see the recent Permaculture Facebook posting that reckons we have only 100 harvests left because of Peak Soil? Time to get wise on how to make and preserve soil.   Recently there were two major seminars by soil scientists in Brisbane, and it is quite clear that soil scientists are a resource we need to understand and get more of.

Look forward to seeing you there and having a great evening. Feel welcome to invite local friends, but please let Mac know (0449 636 201) so he can plan numbers.



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