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 Transition The Grove Inc Newsletter May 2015

1. Upcoming Events

  • Transition The Grove May Community Meeting - Soil at the heart of our future

Sunday May 17th.  

3:30pm for visit to The HOG Community Garden, Bunya Rd (Ferny Hills, just along from Bunya Tip on the same side as the tip. Entrance at the Dog Off Leash Area)

4:30 pm at Mac Campbell's garden to look at what he is doing to make beautiful soil in his garden, followed by soil testing soil samples from our own gardens; and a general sharing of our best knowledge about soil and how to make it and care for it.

Pot luck shared meal  - please bring something to share. Mac will make a pumpkin soup.

This is the UN Year of Soil, and soil is becoming very topical, with two major seminars by soil scientists in the last month alone! They have a very important message.

Bring along samples of soil from your garden to be tested. We'll have a high-powered microscope to look at it through, and demonstrate a few simple tests.

Mac's address is:  24  Elizabeth St, Everton Hills

  • Management Committee meeting

4pm 31st May. 

The way Transition The Grove is structured (as per its Consitution) the idea is for resilience-building projects that members want to make happen to be worked up in informal sub-groups, and any formal support needed to be put to the Management Committee.

Have you got ideas for how to make our community here more resilient? How about coming forward with a proposal that we can build support around?

2. April meeting  report- AGM and Workshop on a local (bioregional) approach to health

Nothing brings a glow to the eyes of a management committee as much as getting the AGM out of the way in good time, rather than at the last allowable minute. We've done it!

Management Committee for the coming year is: Anne Tennock President, John Tennock (Treasurer/Webmaster), Wally Wight (Secretary/Subgroup Organiser). More committee membership is welcomed from members willing to commit to active monthly participation.Management Committee








Health AidsLocal Health Workshop  topic of How to Care for Wounds Locally.

In the context of building local resilience, this was about things we could do ourselves with local resources, while also recognising the importance of the services provided by doctors and hospitals.  Anne gave a prepared talk on the topic with a lot of discussion and additional points from everyone present.

The talk covered 3 themes (Prevention, Disinfecting, and Healing. We came up with a long list of health tips.  See more:

First Aid Training courses at the Red Cross or St John's Ambulance take 2 days, and cost $190/$195.  If any current member of Transition The Grove  is interested in doing the training, we are offering a subsidy towards the cost. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested.

After a most enjoyable shared pot luck dinner we pressed on to a full health workshop.

This started with an excerpt from Geraldine Doogue's ABC RN discussion on Saturday 18th April on health cooperatives (some very successful ones are up and running in Canberra, and the business model is spreading fast).  The thing that excited us was that the cooperative framework enabled them to hire doctors, but kept the profits within the cooperative to be used to provide extra services for the community. The sorts of services take just the sort of resilient local wellness education we're hoping to have more of around here. They work!

Then we paired off to do a sample 'Health Audit', with the focus on our feet. How often do we have someone's whole-hearted attention while we give the topic of our feet a thorough examination. How well do our feet function? How do we look after them? What are our toenails like? Do we have any pain in our feet? How good is our balance? How do we choose our footwear? What do we do for foot health/hygiene? There was lots to talk about, and the process of doing a health audit can then be taken away and done for other parts of the body at regular intervals. Each person in each pair had a turn at sharing and being listened to for 10 minutes.

3. Welcome new members

No new members this month, but renewals have been going well. If you haven't yet renewed, or know someone you think would make a good Transition member send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   with the title 'Membership Renewal' and your name. New members register through the Transition The Grove website Join menu.

4. What do we do in Transition Towns?

 Have you thought about what we do in the Transition movement? Here is a list of some of the things we have done locally so far:

5.  Climate change; peaking resources; population growth

  • Climate change summary with regular updates
  • The Bureau of Meteorology website provides a monthly weather review, and compares weather data (temperature, evaporation, hours of sunlight, wind, rainfall, etc) with long term averages. March was well above long-term average, as was January, December,... It also has a site for a deeper look at climate change.
  • Transition The Grove Inc has 'divested' from a bank which supports high carbon-emitting activities and is now using a bank which is paying attention to this issue. In the process of closing the former account, a great conversation with the (Chinese) branch employee about the Transition movement and climate change led to him passionately telling us about how bad the pollution is in China, and how oblivious people here seem (to him) to be how bad this is for the global climate issue. He was keen to know where we thought it was 'up to' and agreed whole-heartedly with our response.

6. June Community Meeting - LETS trade locally, alternative currencies, alternative and local business models

Alison Bird has a lot of experience with LETS systems and alternative currencies. She is lined up to lead the June meeting around the topic of local business models, LETS systems and alternative currencies. Should be fun.  Alison has been having medical treatment, and we wish her all well-being.

7. Transition Network Newsletter

Here is the link to the May Transition Network Newsletter. (They are our 'head office' globally, the Newsletter that goes out to Transition Towns all over the world.)

It is inspiring to read/listen to these Transition Network Newsletters - they seem so far ahead of us, with so much involvement and energy, and grappling with great ideas.

This one has a lot on the Inner Transition (heart and soul stuff). Excellent.

8. Quotes and questions to prompt your thinking and sharing

  • Last month we asked:Q. In imaging a positive future, what dominates for you?  Now we'd like to get some of your answers and what the question triggered you to think about?

9. Local Resource Audits are a great way to get involved through Transition The Grove in knowing your community MUCH better and have fun

Read about what a local resource audit involves and how you can participate.

  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get started.





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