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Here's our February Newsletter and details of the Community Meeting for February on 15th February 5pm.


1. Are you aware of the Northern Seminar Series held monthly at Downfall Creek Bushland Centre, 815 Rode Rd, McDowall. The first one for the year is on 4th February at 6:30pm for 7pm till 8:30pm. RSVP essential to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  It is a Bunya Bush Food Workshop, presented by John Wrench - bushfood writer/cook/innovator and educator. These are great seminars.

2. Transition The Grove Minibus Tour "Appreciating the geography and gems of our expanded Grove"  - Sunday 15th February, 2-5pm

We are hiring a 10-seater minibus for this tour. No charge to members to come along. Some of the places we may visit you can choose to make a purchase (coffee, Dr Red Nutraceuticals).

The final decision of places we visit will be agreed between those who RSVP and book themselves a spot on the bus. 

Our driver will be Chris Wright.

RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Wednesday 11th February. RSVP essential. Seats allocated in order of receiving response.

Proposed places of interest to choose from for tour/stop/visit: Mitchelton - Sculptures in park; Oxford Park - community garden at the Church of Christ Retirement Village; Enoggera - short walk to the bat rookery on the creek; Keperra - Aboriginal mural/garden/sacred site and lake in Keperra Sanctuary; Ferny Grove - Ferny Grove's hidden wild lake where the water birds breed, and the bike track to Samford; Ferny Hills - splendid native wildlife mural, and Cabbage Tree Creek's 5* walkway/bikeway; Upper Kedron - discover the maze and share stories about the development and access, see the sea from Lochinvar Rd as you return to Samford Rd; Bunya - check out The HOG Community Garden; along Mt Nebo Rd (watershed between The Grove and The Gap) - Walkabout Creek Zoo and Green Tree Frog Cafe and the new swimming/canoeing beach in Enoggera Reservoir,  Dr Red Nutriceuticals and vineyard, Camp Mountain - view Brisbane and Upper Kedron and Samford Valleys, Cafe Boombana at Mt Nebo. 

NO - we won't be doing it all! So when you RSVP, please select the top three you'd be interested in, and we'll find the "best fit".

Also, please tell us whether you'd prefer to have afternoon tea at a coffee shop (Walkabout Creek or Mt Nebo's Cafe Boombana) OR for everyone to bring some special afternoon tea tasty item to fill our picnic hamper, and we'll make afternoon tea somewhere like Bellbird Grove.

 We'll aim to keep the driving sections quite short with stops. Also not planning long walks but there will be some short walks.

Please bring your cameras - we definitely want photos for the Newsletter, and someone will be appointed Official Event Photographer too! 

4, Transition The Grove Management Committee Meeting - Sunday 5th April 4pm. This is a regular planning/business meeting which you are welcome to attend if you enjoy that sort of involvement.


5. Reflection on January activity at Bunya Riverside.

 'Twas a hot day, and Bunya Riverside was the place to be. The river water was full and fresh after recent heavy rains. The blow-up boat proved a great pleasure with the kids. Altogether fun time had by all.

Wally regaled us with excellent stories of his mad boyhood scrapes and also about houses he has modified to cope with extremes of heat and cold. He's a wonderful story-teller!

The area is becoming so popular that there is a need for improvement in toilet facilities, and in table/bench/BBQ facilities, and parking facilities. About 300 people were in the area picnicing and relaxing and swimming.

Transition The Grove is entering a dialogue with Moreton Bay Regional Council to get facilities improved at Bunya Riverside.

Chris and Joan tell us that Enoggera Reservoir is now open to swimming and similar small non-power boat paddling.  How about we check it out together before the summer is over?!


6. Sustainable local recreation

If you are in any doubt about how big 'recreation' is in The Grove/Hills area you need look no further than the long row of banners on the Ferny Grove Police Station. Lots of sports clubs preparing for sign-up.

These sports clubs make great use of river floodplains and grassed-over dumps to provide fantastic local facilities. Whether these are 'sustainable' is another question.

Certainly they have attracted regular large grants from government/council granting bodies for facilities like night lighting. Is this sustainable? How can we make it more so?

One approach is to become more involved in local sport as entertainment. It is here among us, and easily approachable if you know where to look and how to find out when it is on. For example, a Friday night outing in baseball season to watch baseball at the local diamond up at Bunya is a terrific night out. Who needs the huge sports stadiums!

There is a surprisingly large range of recreation activities locally. It is worth exploring the Transition The Grove website to discover just how many different sorts of recreation activities there are. We have a Recreation 'button' on the Transition The Grove homepage, and also a Local Recreation and Our Teams forum (you need to log on).

How hard it is to be energetic during hot summer months. The reckon we're in for a 20-fold increase in days over 35 in Brisbane. Yuk! So very slow activities are 'the go'. How about doing a jigsaw?  Arana Bridge Club is a great place to spend hot summer hours in the air-conditioning (Question: Is air-conditioning more sustainable if used communally?) Get in water, no matter how little. On a really hot summer's day, a little paddle pool from Kmart can be a life-saver to soak in.

7. Big straws into our little pond and the challenge of sustainable local governance

What is sustainable local governance?  When we started collecting ideas on this topic, we never dreamt of what we'd be coming across.  Our little local area might be tiny and apparently insignificant, but an extraordinary number of big players have their straws of control down into all the little local areas like ours.  If you want to explore this further, have a look at some of the 'straws' we collected and saved on the Transition The Grove Governance forum. The development in Upper Kedron is shrouded in political murkiness that has a lot of people depressed about where our ability to manage our community's sustainability and decision-making has come to.

As we reflect on the processes of democracy and how they have played out in our Queensland election just over, let us reflect further on what it means to be local citizens, and how we can be effective in managing our own lives and contributing to making our own small local community resilient.


8. Official Events Photographers In sheer desperation to get hold of photos for the Newsletter we will be appointing Official Events Photographers for each TTG Community event in future! So look forward to a bit of colour in the Newsletters with luck.

9. Transition The Grove's March Community Meeting will be a workshop led by Wally Wight with John Tennock assisting, on the subject of planning sustainable transport journeys using tools such as Translink's Journey Planner and CityCycle's booking app. It will be at 5:30pm (not slightly later time which will suit one of our members better) and will be preceded by a bike ride at 4:30pm for those who would enjoy it along Lanita Rd and through the forest on the 'new' bike track. A pretty flat ride and about half an hour maximum each way.


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