Emergency services

First Aid

Queensland Ambulance Service

- dial 000. Do not call 000 unless you are in critical need of emergency services (police, fire or ambulance)

QLD Ambulance 1300 369 003

  • QAS Grovely now relocated to 543 Samford Rd, Mitchelton

Mitchelton Ambulance Station

543 Samford Rd, Mitchelton. Entrance off Kedron Avenue.

Russell Nicholas is Officer in Charge.

There are 8 ambulance stations in Brisbane Central, and Mitchelton is one of them.

Ambulances based at Mitchelton don’t just service Mitchelton. They could end up at Bribie Island or an ambulance from Mt Gravatt could pick up someone here.

30 staff are based at the Mitchelton Ambulance Station.

When you call 000 the nearest available car is sent.

The Ambulance Station doesn’t always have someone there.

Call from where you are and the ambulance will come to you, not you to them. There may not be anyone there!

QLD Ambulance runs courses in 1st Aid and CPR. None are run at Mitchelton. First Aid Training normally run out of schools at night.

The Mitchelton Ambulance Station is brand new, and well set up. It is very environmentally friendly, with rainwater tanks, and a Fox Environmental System that collects all the water runoff of the floor and purifies and recycles it. 


Ambulances: An Emergency Response Vehicle is primarily used to go out and stabilise someone in need of help.

6 or 7 class 1 Ambulance transports will be based at the Mitchelton Ambulance Station, including Patient Transport Service for people who can’t transport themselves to hospitals for treatment. The Patient Transport Service does the lions share of the heavy lifting work to hospitals.

To use the Patient Transport Service, you have to get sign-off by your doctor.

There is another ambulance station in Samford, and one in Ashgrove.

The Grovely Local Ambulance Committee that has operated for years doing things like going to nursing homes and retirement villages giving talks about when to call an ambulance will be dissolving now the Grovely Ambulance Station has closed. A Mitchelton Local Ambulance Committee is expected to form.


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