Spiritual & mental health

Prince Charles Hospital Community Mental Health Services Catchment: Arana Hills and Ferny Hills.

Peace of mind

Freedom from depression, anxiety

    • Child and teenager mental health
    • Adult mental health
  • Beyond Blue
    • The beyondblue website has a huge amount of information about mental health and mental health professionals and services and groups
    • Contact and urgent help number 1300 22 4636
  • Group 61
    • A totally positive, recovery oriented group aiming to empower people to reach for fullness of life. Volunteers provide support to people affected by mental health issues who are living in the community in the northern suburbs of Brisbane.
    • An ecumenical group promoting Christian values in the local community, a branch of Neighbourhood Gospel Sharing Inc.
    • Contact John 3359 4089
    • Support generally takes the form of
      • a cuppa and a chat with people each week in a park, by the sea, at a coffee shop, or in their own home
      • friendship rather than counseling
      • encouraging good nutrition, exercise, meaningful activity, cultural interests and spiritual growth
      • cluster groups meeting in a park for a chat
      • attending group BBQs every 2nd month to promote friendship
    • Volunteering for Group 61
      • Could you be a good listener?
      • Can you usually give time for a weekly outing, attend a monthly meeting and come to the BBQs
      • Volunteers are covered by Personal Accident Insurance
      • Once a month volunteers meet to support and share in confidence with one another
      • The Group 61 Training Course (a 3-hour session once a week for 6 weeks) prepares the volunteer to be confident and competent
      • Out of pocket expenses are met by the group
    • The Management Committee meets monthly to ensure Group 61 operates in line with government standards of service, and incorporates the latest developments in mental health care. 

Counselling / Psychotherapy / Psychologists

  • New Day Psychological Services Pty Ltd
    • Unit 8/ 135 Ferny Way, Ferny Hills.
    • Dr Denise Robertson (Clinical Psychologist)
    • Ms Linda Meaker (Psychologist)
    • Dr Carla Rogers (Psychologist)
    • Mr Tony Robinson (Psychologist)
    • Ms Brooke Stemm (Psychologist)
    • 3351 2222, Mon-Fri by appointment only
    • Medicare rebates apply
    • All staff are fully qualified and registerd with the Australian Psychological Society
    • Help with: relationship problems, childhood anxiety, cognitive behaviour therapy, emotional behaviour problems, anxiety, depression, stress, panic attacks, marriage/family/work challenges
  • Dr Janette McMahon
    • Aspire Psychology
    • 6 Patricks Rd, Arana Hills
    • 3351 5639
    • Clinical Psychologist specialising in depression, anxiety (child & adolescent adult)
  • Dr Sudha Kumar
    • Fernlands Radius Medical Centre
    • 10 Woodhill Rd, Ferny Hills
    • 3550 5000
    • General Practitioner
    • English and Hindi spoken

Freedom from bitterness, guilt, jealousy, anger

Sense of control over your own life

Sources of love, affection, belonging

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