Funeral & bereavement services

Funeral services


We have a historical cemetery in The Grove, but it is not currently 'active'!

Memorial Walls

St William's Columbarium and Memorial Wall has been established to provide a permanent resting place within the environment of the parish Church for the cremated remains of parishioners gone home to God.

The Columbarium - like the church graveyard of old, is a link between the living and the dead.

Parishioners who wish to organize the reservation of a Niche or Niches prior to the time of a funeral, even many years before, can enquire at the Parish Office 3355 2667

Bereavement Support

St William's Parish Grief Support Team

  • Contact Parish Office 3355 2667
  • Offers support and encouragement to our local community
    • home visits
    • remembrance wishes
    • phone contact
    • annual memorial mass
    • offering a unique program called "Seasons for Growth"
  • The fundamental core of the Grief Support Team is Christ's compassion
  • Valued in friendship, listening and confidentiality
  • Grief can result from the death of a loved one, marriage separation and divorce, loss of job and income, family separaton through relocation and other reasons causing our life to fracture
  • Seasons for Growth Program is an educational tool for understanding the impact of grief and loss in life. The Seasons for Growth Program is not counselling or therapy. It is a peer support, small-group program. It allows for the exploration and understanding of change, loss and grief in our lives within an educational (learning) framework. Its aim is to provide effective ways of living with and healing from grief and loss. St Williams Grief Support Team facilitates this program which is 4 weeks duration, offered regularly throughout the year. Flexibility in session times to accommodate the group's needs (maximum 6-7 per group).
  • The Grief Support Team is a volunteer group of parishioners who sympathize and empathize with those who grieve. They offer the community the hand of friendship, a listening ear and a compassionate heart. They promote and facilitate the Seasons for Growth Program as one means of helping and encouraging people to live with their grief.
  • Grief is not a mountain to be climbed with the strong reaching the summit before the weak. Grief is not an athletic event, with stopwatches timing our progress. Grief is a journey through loss and pain with no competition and no trials.

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