BBQ facilities in parks

Where are the BBQs in parks available for us to use for a picnic? Most are free with an electric BBQ.


Some of these parks are known to have free electric BBQ picnic and other facilities, but more information is needed about individual parks.

Off Mt Nebo Rd

  • Brisbane Forest Park 117, B14
  • Bellbird Grove (shelters and table, toilets, disabled toilet, playground, bushwalk, lookout, no dogs, adjoining Cedar Creek, no drinking water) 6.9kms NW of The Gap in The Grove near the top of Cedar Creek headwaters 136, N7
  • Camp Mountain Lookout (toilets, disabled toilets, tables, walking tracks, BBQs, shelters, lookout, water) 10.6kms NW of The Gap along Mt Nebo Rd, at the top of Cedar Creek headwaters
  • Jollys Lookout National Park, Mt Nebo Rd 135, N1
  • Enogerra Reservoir (walking track around reservoir), Brisbane Forest Park

Ferny Hills

  • Maureen Lawrence Park and Wahminda Park, (BBQs, shelters, toilets, playground, adjoining creek, tennis courts, bike path, small lake) Samford Rd, Ferny Hills 117, D17
  • Ironbark Gully and Lomandra Picnic Area (shelters, toilets, disabled toilet, BBQs, play area, bush walks, drinking water) Samford Rd, Ferny Hills. These BBQs are ones you can light a fire in. Good walk under the Samford Rd culvert from here across to Kedron Brook by Maureen Lawrence Park.
  • George Willmore Park, Bundar Crescent, Ferny Hills 117, N20 (swimming pool, music bowl, oval, playgrounds, ...)
  • Melrose Park, Ferny Hills 118, A19
  • Melva Park, Ferny Hills 118, A19
  • Mike McGuill Park, Ferny Hills 117, P15
  • Brook Park, Ferny Hills. 137, R4
  • Olakuna Park, Ferny Hills  117, K20 (adjacent to Kedron Brook)
  • Hutton Park, Ferny Hills 117, N17
  • Pyang Park, Ferny Hills 117, K18

Ferny Grove

  • Ferny Grove Picnic Ground, Samford Rd at Arbor St, Ferny Grove adjoining Kedron Brook (BBQs, toilets, water, shelter, skateboard bowl, walking track, wheelchair friendly)
  • Keperra Picnic Ground, Samford Rd & Upper Kedron Rd, Ferny Grove (BBQs, toilets, shelter, water, wheelchair access)
  • Ancaster Rd, McGinn Rd, Fortrose Place, McGregor Way, Ferny Grove
  • Arbor St and Tramway St, Ferny Rd
  • Bergin Rd, Ferny Rd, Ferny Grove
  • Cemetery Rd, Ferny Rd, Ferny Grove
  • Coble Park, between Archdale Rd & Samford Rd, Ferny Grove
  • Greenfern Place, Cannow St, Ferny Grove
  • Greenoch Place, Selkirk Crescent,Ferny Grove
  • Julatten Place, Upper Kedron Rd off Kirrillee Cres & Kyeamba Close, Ferny Grove
  • Leckmy St, Mullacor St, Kirikee St, Ferny Grove (playground)
  • McAlroy Rd, McGregor Way, Ferny Grove (lagoon, walking path..)
  • 130 McGinn Rd, Dornoch Cres, Kinross Place, McGregor Way, Ferny Grove
  • 14 McGregor Way, Glencoe Close, Ferny Grove
  • 30-34 McGregor Way, Selkirk Crescent, Ferny Grove
  • 46 Melrose Place, Ancaster Rd, Ferny Grove
  • Monash Place, Bergin Rd, Berkley Place, Falconglen Close, Ferny Grove
  • Movilla Street, Bantry Place, Ferny Grove
  • F M Harvey Park, Ferny Grove 117, M15

Upper Kedron

  • Dale Court, Upper Kedron (BBQ)
  • Selkirk Crescent, Upper Kedron Rd, Upper Kedron
  • Skye Place, Aberdeen Place off Cedar Creek Rd, Upper Kedron
  • Upper Kedron Recreation Reserve, 137, L4, Cemetery Rd, Upper Kedron Rd, Upper Kedron (play grounds, dog exercise area, .....)
  • William Brian Daley Reserve, Hogarth Rd off Upper Kedron Rd, Ferny Grove 137, G4
  • 1748 Canvey Rd, Inverness St, Upper Kedron
  • Levitt Rd, Kimkuska Place, Morang St, Upper Kedron
  • Trevallyn Place, Kaavella St off Charlois Crescent, Upper Kedron
  • Trossachs Place, cnr Lochinvar Rd, Upper Kedron
  • Thomas Place, Ancaster Rd, Selkirk Cres, Upper Kedron


  • Annandale St, Avington St, Keperra
  • Bundara Park, Balvenie St, Shaun Place, Keperra 137, M8
  • Camoola St, Avington St, Keperra
  • Dash St, Duggan St, Keperra (rebound wall)
  • Fihelly St, Dawson Pde, Mooney St, Keperra
  • Grovely Sport Ground Park, Dawson Pde, Hanran St, Madsen St, Keperra (adjoining Kedron Brook; toilets, water, cycle path, wheelchair access) 138, D2
  • Grovely Lands, Keperra 138, E3
  • Jurayelba Place, Kane St, Callan St, Tozer St, Keperra (playground, water, BBQs)
  • Kane St, Dawson Pde, Keperra
  • Keryn Place, Mungarie St, Keperra
  • Kindilan Park, Cobalt St, Glengarrie Rd, Samford Rd, Keperra
  • Kings Park, Cobalt St, Hermitage St, Keperra
  • McKell Oval, Concord St, Dawson Pde, Ryland St, Woking St, Keperra (adjoining Kedron Brook)
  • Mungarie St (lot 701), near Marble St, Keperra
  • Oxford Park Reserve, Blaker Rd, Lesina St, Persching St, Rolleston St, Towns St, Keperra (toilets, playground, water)
  • Silvertop St, Coachwood St, Keperra

Arana Hills

  • Leslie Patrick Park, Olearia St West, Arana Hills 118, E19 (toilet, athletics track and field, hockey, children's playground, netball, PCYC, community centre, softball, rugby league, softball, rugby league, adjacent to Kedron Brook, cycle track)
  • Lemm Park, Arana Hills 118, A15 (walking track along creek)
  • Bob O'Neill Park, Arana Hills 118, D15
  • Brian Battersby Park, Arana Hills 117, Q15
  • Grove Park, Arana Hills 118, B19
  • Morton Park Rd Reserve, Arana Hills 118, D16
  • Pine Hills Park, Arana Hills 118, E15
  • Narellan Park, Arana Hills 117, R18 (Library)
  • Camden Park, Bargo St, Arana Hills 118, B18 (Picnic area, toilets, playground, drinking water) 118, B18
  • Bunyaville State Forest Park, via Arana Hills, includes the James Drysdale Recreational Park off the Jinker Track, and a big picnic area adjoining the creek of Old Northern Rd. (Toilets, shelters and tables, walking paths,...)

How about a building a pizza oven in a local park with a regular pizza events? North Street City Farm has one, and run courses on how to build them.

How about a big fire circle (circle of logs) with regular big bonfires and singing, music-making, dancing and story-telling around the fire in a local park?  (Wood is a local resource we have lots of!)

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