Cooking & processing food

We're all cooking in our own kitchens, but are there local cooking clubs? Do we share recipes? Ferny Grove Primary School put together a cook book for its recent fete. What other local cook books are out there? With all the popular cooking programs on TV, how many of us are cooking gourmet meals for family or friends?

Do you have recipes that use only locally available ingredients? Do you have recipes that require minimum energy use? Do you take food miles into account in your cooking? What do you pick from your own garden to include in your recipes?


What cooking resources are available in The Grove (kitchens in halls, schools, BBQs in parks...)?

  • Upper Kedron Community Hall has a kitchen, fridge and stove
  • Arana Contract Bridge Clubrooms have a kitchen with microwave and dishwasher but no stove
  • Tuckshops at schools have kitchens
  • Church halls have kitchens

LaughingDo you like cooking and sharing recipes? Log on to Transition The Grove and join a sub-group or discussion on the Food Forum and make friends locally who share your interest in cooking.

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