Storing & preserving food

Foods need to be harvested, preserved and stored safely to protect them from damage by rats, weevils, mould and loss of nutrition. There are a lot of traditional skills, processes and equipment used for preserving food.

LaughingAre you interested in meeting people to share knowledge and skills about perserving food? Log on to Transition The Grove and join a sub-group or Forum.

Food stores, granaries, and warehouses have a long history as important for survival through long periods of harsh times, such as drought and very poor climate, war, or financial crises. With big supermarkets down the road, most of us have forgotten the importance of food stores, and the skills of looking after food to protect it from getting eaten by mice or weavils, and the skills of preparing meals using the sorts of foods that are easy to store long-term.

LaughingWhat foods are ideal to store, cheap to purchase, and can be used to prepare most of the common foods we eat? Would you be interested in a workshop on food stores? Log on to Transition The Grove and join a sub-group or Forum.

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