Telephones, Internet, faxes, cable

Directory assistance & time

  • 1223 national
  • 1225 international
  • 1234 personally assisted service to help find the information you need. Information can be read out or sent to a mobile phone
  • 1194 time
  • 12454 wake up and reminder calls

Area code and international access code

International access code from overseas is 0011 (charged per second) or 0018 (charged in half hour blocks of time or part thereof)

Dialing sequence for Australia is +61

Area code for The Grove is +7

For example, to call from overseas, dial 0011 (or 0018) 617 then the local 8 digit phone number

To dial from interstate, dial 07 then the local 8 digit phone number.

The time zone for The Grove is Australian Eastern Standard Time (daylight saving does not operate). UTC + 10:00 (Eastern Australia, Guam, Vladivostok)

Public telephones

All coin and card pay phones and SMS

  • 51 McGinn Rd outside Ferny Grove Shopping Village (Taylor's Seafoods), Ferny Grove
  • Ferny Grove Railway Station, Conavalla St, Ferny Grove
  • Ferny Grove Tavern. Samford Rd, Ferny Grove
  • Ferny Grove Bowls, Sports and Community Club, Ferny Grove
  • 134 Ferny Way outside Ferny Way shops, Ferny Hills
  • Outside the Patricks Rd Shopping Plaza, 170 Patricks Rd, Ferny Hills
  • 164 Bunya Rd, Arana Hills
  • 135 Dawson Pde, Arana Hills
  • Blaker Rd, Arana Hills
  • Arana Hills Kmart Plaza (one inside near toilets, one outside)
  • Silvertop St, Keperra
  • 7 Dallas Pde, Keperra
  • Great Western Super Centre
  • Blue phone in the foyer of The Hills Community Centre, Dawson Pde, Arana Hills
  • 2 emergency phones on FernyGrove Station in case of assault, injury, vandalism, accident, fire

Telephone exchange

  • 135 Ferny Way, cnr Illuta Ave, Ferny Hills

Internet Cafes and access

  • Arana Library, Cobbity Street, Ferny Hills

Public Fax Machines

  • Ferny Grove News, Ferny Grove Shopping Village, McGinn Rd

Telecom microwave mobile phone towers

  • 164 Upper Kedron Rd above quarry opposite Transfer Station, Ferny Grove (Telstra, Optus, Vodaphone)
  • Cnr Ferny Way, Illuta Ave, Ferny Ave (Telstra, Ferny Hills Exchange)
  • Cnr Settlement Rd and Samford Rd, Keperra
  • Grovely Reservoir, cnr Dawson Pde and Samford Rd, Keperra
  • Samford Rd, near Dawson Pde, Keperra
  • K-Mart Plaza, Patricks Rd, Arana Hills
  • Fire Station, 1147 South Pine Rd, Arana Hills
  • Pine Rivers Shire Council Depot, 1157 South Pine Rd, Arana Hills
  • Cnr Caesar Rd & Hutton Rd, Ferny Hills

Source: Mashup 2008

LaughingCompared to inner city areas, we are blissfully low in microwave towers!


  • Power lines and telephone cables and cables for cable TV and broadband are laid underground in The Grove.
  • Dial Before You Dig 1100
  • Report Damage to Cables 13 2203
  • Foxtel 
  • Upper Kedron is largely unable to access ADSL1 or ADSL2 at this stage. There is a REM box at Cemetery Rd with copper wire from the exchange, but there are only 19 ports for homes in Upper Kedron enabling ADSL. There's a waiting list.
  • About 3000 northside premises are to be connected in a roll-out of optic fibre network from 2nd quarter 2011. Upper Kedron wants to be part of it.
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