Cultural facilities

Music facilities

  • Ferny Grove Senior High School Ralph Took Auditorium and Music Department.
  • St Andrew's Catholic School has a strong music program, and also puts on Christmas carols performance on its school oval
  • Ferny Grove State School has a music program, and uses the school hall for performances
  • Ferny Grove Tavern - venue for live bands
  • Finnigan's Chin Irish Pub, Keperra - venue for live bands
  • Grovely Performing Arts Centre, Grovely State School, Dawson Pde, Keperra
  • Arana Leagues Club -stage and dance floor for live performers
  • Churches
  • Patricks Rd State School hall
  • St William's School outdoor stage/sound bowl facing school oval.
  • Want to busk? The Ferny Grove Markets on Sunday mornings are the place to go.

Dance facilities

  • Upper Kedron (Cedar Creek) Community Hall has an excellent dance floor with a practice rail and there is dance instruction there most days
  • Dawson Pde State School Hall is also used for dance instruction.
  • Arana Leagues Club has a good dance floor, live music daily, and dancing and line dancing are popular.
  • Ferny Grove Bowls, Sports and Social Club has a dance floor
  • The Hills District Community Centre, Dawson Parade, Arana Hills, is used for dance classes. It has a large dance floor, with fans, tables, chairs, kitchen, stage, water fountain, notice board, phone
  • Hills PCYC, Olearia St, Everton Hills has a hall which can be used for dancing.


See separate entry under Facilities

Bridge Clubs

  • Arana Bridge Club has extensive club rooms above the Brisbane Tramway Museum, with air-conditioned facilities, a kitchen, dozens of tables for bridge, and a bridge library. This facility hosts competitions attended by visitors from many other bridge clubs. The facilities make it easy to cater well for these events.


Events Celebrations Parties Fetes

  • The halls, tuck shops, and ovals at the local schools are used for fetes, Christmas carols

Theatre  & Drama

  • Drama at Ferny Grove Senior High School is held with performances in the Ralph Took Auditorium and other venues around the school.
  • St Williams Catholic Church holds drama performances in its halls.
  • Grovely Performing Arts Centre, Grovely State School, Dawson Pde, Grovely
  • The Hills Community Centre has a stage with 2 change rooms, and stage lighting
  • The Upper Kedron (Cedar Creek) Community Hall has a stage.

Birdwatching and frog spotting

The forests, creek areas and backyards of The Grove are alive with wonderful birds and frogs, making birdwatching and frog spotting keenly enjoyed local activities. Twitches and bird surveys are held regularly, and groups go out sometimes with torches at night making funny croaking noises along creek beds which frogs respond to giving away their locations. Great fun!


Dogs are very popular local pets, and many people are seen on local streets walking their dogs on leashes in the morning. Dog off-leash areas are very popular with both dogs and their owners who all regularly gather to chat and commune together.

Dog Off-Leash Areas
  • behind Ferny Grove Police Station, corner Tramway St and Samford Rd
  • in Upper Kedron  Recreational Reserve, corner Cemetery Rd and Charolais Crescent
  • Keryn Place, Keperra

Markets Op-Shops Garage Sales

  • Ferny Grove Markets (Flea market, plants, fruit and veges, every Sunday 6am-noon, Ferny Grove Railway Station carpark. Contact 0418 721 751 about stalls)
  • St Williams Catholic Church hall and grounds are used for the monthly Craft Market (no second-hand)
  • Vinnies, Ferny Grove Shopping Village (2nd-hand clothing -women's, men's, children's; books, bric-a-brac, pictures, toys, shoes, handbags and accessories)
  • Vinnies, Dawson Parade, Keperra
  • Lifeline, Great Western Super Centre
  • Garage sales - signs are readily visible around streets from early on Saturday and Sunday morning as people set up their wares on driveways, under carports and in their garages.


  • Ferny Grove Bowls, Sports & Community Club has provided the venue for "The Gap" Leisure Club each Wednesday morning at 9.30am for many years. $5 includes morning tea, indoor bowls, rummy king, 500, bingo, bus trips. For retired people.
  • National Seniors Ferny Grove meets at Arana Leagues Club. Arana Leagues runs a courtesy bus to and from The Grove for members of Arana Leagues Club.
  • Arana Leagues Club is popular throughout the week with seniors, with cheap nutritious meals, a social atmosphere and live music, and pokies.
  • Arana Seniors meet at the Hills Community Centre on Friday mornings.
  • U3A Pine Rivers is active in The Grove at Bunya House, Arana Library, and The Hills PCYC, and the courses are very popular.

Languages & Other Cultures

  • The Languages Department at Ferny Grove State High School supports a Culture Club & World Cafe, and the teaching of languages - Italian , LOTE (German Immersion, Indonesian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, French. There are student exchanges with students from these countries.
  • Grovely State School - LOTE - Japanese. It is taught from grades 4 - 7.  Students are taught the conversational basics of the language as well as receiving instruction in the written form; including the Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji.
  • Patricks Rd State School - Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian)
  • Ferny Grove State School - LOTE Years 1-7 - German
  • St William's Catholic School - LOTE - Italian
  • Student Homestay is active in The Grove, with significant numbers of visiting students from overseas being hosted with families locally, particularly Chinese students.


  • Ann Russell Art classes offered in her home
  • Bunya House, downstairs, is used for arts classes, through U3A
  • Ferny Grove Senior High School Art Department gets terrific results from students who regularly display their work in the foyer of the Ralph Took Auditorium.
  • A Galleriet is now open at the Arana Hills Library ( a small art display area) 3351 3401 It's where budding local artists may show their work. It's a no-fee service via a booking system.

Writing, Poetry, Book Clubs

  • Arana Library makes its meeting rooms available, and provides notices and announcements supporting groups which meet there regularly. These include a book club and a writers group.
  • U3A Pine Rivers also supports a life-writing group which meets in members' homes in the region, and some of them live in The Grove.
  • St Andrews Catholic School operates a Gold Star Book Club
  • Vinnies, Lifeline and Ferny Grove Markets are great sources of second hand books.


  • Arana Library supports an active genealogy group in its meeting rooms, and provides notices and announcements.

Sustainable Lifestyle

  • Arana Library meeting room is the venue for a U3A course: Living Sustainably in the Suburbs. The environment with tea and coffee facilities, good table and seating and easy access to toilets and parking is very congenial.
  • The One-Acre Farm in Ferny Grove is the site for organic gardening training(composting, seed-raising, worm-farming) offered periodically
  • Ferny Grove Senior High School Agricultural Department facilities
  • Grovely TAFE has extensive facilities for its Certificate in Horticulture courses.
  • Grovely State School are used for developing skills in growing food gardens.


  • Bunya House is  where a lot of U3A classes in computing happen. There are photo-editing classes, basic Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Publisher, photo montage, audio recording, photo storage, photo restoration, taking better photographs, Vista for beginners, and advanced computer photography techniques.


  • Brisbane Forest Park Walkabout Creek Zoo has native birds, and an understream wildlife section with platypus.

Clubs & Interest Groups

Service clubs meet regularly in local facilities to share meals, hear guest speakers, make friends, and plan activities together.

  • Arana Leagues Club large upstairs meeting rooms are used by View Club and Zonta.
  • Golden Valley Keperra Lions Club has its own clubrooms in Ferny Hills at the end of Dinterra Ave in what was the old Scout hall.

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