Food security vs natural species

Balance Between Food Security & Natural Species

As Peak Oil and Climate Change create urgent needs to establish local food growing in The Grove, the focus shifts from regenerating bush with native species to plants which produce food in sufficient quantities and nutritional types to meet community needs.. At the same time, The Grove is blessed with natural features (forests, creeks, species) which have their own needs and values to all of us. There are discussions to be had about how to proceed and where the balance lies. The benefits of carbon capture are equally available through food-producing tree and palm species and native species. There is competition between species for soil, sunlight, nutrients and space, so choice and decision is involved.

Australia is a signatory to the UN agreement on biodiversity, which includes food biodiversity, and we are failing to attend to this issue of biodiversity.


Bush tucker growing courses held at Grovely TAFE.

There is a bush tucker nursery at Yoorala St, The Gap.

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