Flora - forests, trees, plants

  • Which local trees are food-bearing?
  • Identified landscape trees that must be retained are at:
    • 51 Ross Rd (hoop pines, silky oaks, fig trees, foambark)
    • 458 Levitt Rd (bunya pine)
    • 433 Levitt Rd (crows ash)
    • 298 Levitt Rd (hoop pines)
    • 48 McGinn Rd (hoop pines, bunya pine, silky oak, fig trees).
  • The forests in The Grove are all part of Brisbane Forest Park. The forest to the north of Samford Rd is Samford State Forest. The forest at the western end of Upper Kedron is part of Enoggera State Forest.

These forests consist of three types of forest:

  • Moist and wet sclerophyll forest and gully rainforest - extensive through the Samford State Forest and the Enoggera State Forest
  • Dry rainforest - two small areas up near the Camp Mountain Lookout Rd off Mt Nebo Rd
  • Wet rainforestĀ  - none in The Grove, but a large patch just to the left of Mt Nebo Rd before Jolley's Lookout

Moist and wet sclerophyll forest and gully rainforest


  • pink bloodwood (Corymbia intermedia)
  • yellow stringybark (Eucalyptus acemenoides)
  • grey gum (Eucalyptus biturbinata)
  • tallowwood (Eucalyptus microcorys)
  • grey gum (Eucaluptus propinqua)
  • Sydney blue gum (Eucalyptus saligna)
  • grey ironbark (Eucalyptus siderophloia)
  • brush box (Lophostemon confertus)


  • native ginger (Alpinia caerulea)
  • gristle fern (Blechnum cartilagineaum)
  • tree fern (Cyathea leichhardtiana)
  • native daphne (Pittosporum undulatum)
  • celerywood (Polyscias elegans)
  • brown malletwood (Rhodamnia rubescens)
  • native grape (Cissus spp.)
  • palm lilies (Cordyline spp.)
  • false bracken fern (Calochlaena dubia)
  • guioa (Guioa semiglauca)
  • native raspberry (Rubus spp.)
  • barbed wire vine (Smilax australis)
  • scentless rosewood (Synoum glandulosum)
  • piccabeen palm (Archontophoenix cunninghamiana)

Dry rainforest


  • hoop pine (Araucaria cunninghamii)
  • brown pearwood (Amorphospermum antilogum)
  • white booyong (Argyrodendron trifoliolatum)
  • python tree (Austramyrtus bidwillii)
  • lacebark tree (Brachychiton discolor)
  • prickly pine (Bursaria incana)
  • native cascarilla (Croton insularis)
  • shining-leaved stinging tree (Dendrocnide phoinophylla)
  • native ebony (Diospyros spp.)
  • hauer (Dissiliaria baloghioides)
  • yellow tulip (Drypetes deplanchei)
  • white tamarind (Elattostachys xylocarpa)
  • scrub poison tree (Excoecaria dallachyana)
  • crow's ash (Flindersia australis)
  • borad-leaved leopard tree (Flindersia collina)
  • native olive (Olea paniculata)
  • crow's apple (Owenia venosa)
  • lignum-vitae (Premna lignum-vitae)
  • coogera (Arytera spp.)


  • native holly (Alchornea ilicifolia)
  • (Asplenium attenuatum)
  • blackcurrent bush (Carissa ovata)
  • native grape vine (Cissus antartica)
  • orange thorn (Citriobatus pauciflorus)
  • scrambling caper (Capparis sarmentosa)
  • zig zag vine (Melodorum leichhardtii)
  • cockspur (Maclura cochinchinensis)
  • silk pods (Parsonsia spp.)

Wet rainforest


  • black booyong (Argyrodendron actinophyllum)
  • white booyong (Argyrodendron trifoliolatum)
  • chumwood (Citronella moorei)
  • pigeon berry ash (Cryptocarya erythroxylon)
  • strangler figs (Ficus watkinsiana)
  • rose mararia (Pseudoweinmannia lachnocarpa)
  • yellow carrabeen (Sloanea woollsii)
  • purple cherry (Syzygium crebrinerve)
  • giant stinging tree (Dendrocnide excelsa)
  • native tamarind (Diploglottis australis)
  • brown beech (Pennantia cunninghamii)
  • brown pine (Podacarpus elatus)


  • piccabeen palm (Archontophoenix cunninghamiana)
  • wait-a-while (Calamus muelleri)
  • native grape vine (Cissus antartica)
  • actephila (Actephila lindleyi)
  • shield fern (Lastreopsis spp.)
  • white bolly gum (Neolitsea dealbata)
  • giant pepper vine (Piper novae-hollandiae)
  • epiphytic ferns and orchids (Platycerium spp.) (Dendrobium spp.)
  • native pothos (Pothos longipes)

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