Options for local energy production

This is an area of rapid change as new technologies are being developed and introduced. It is better to follow the discussion on the Forums - Energy.

There is a Transition The Grove Energy Subgroup meeting monthly and considering these topics too.

The other reliable source of information is the Alternative Technology Association that meets monthly at Peace Hall in Albion.


  • Photovoltaics
    • Gross feed-in tariffs: Gross feed-in tariffs pay a premium price for electricity that is generated o a rooftop by solar energy and sold back to the electricity grid. Gross feed-in tariffs build up a market for solar power and bring down its price. They benefit both the solar industry and anyone who wants to reduce greenhouse gas emission.s The gross feed-in tariff is currently more than triple the price we pay to buy electricity from the grid. Currently the gross feed-in tariff from AGL is 52cents per kWh.
  • Solar hot water systems

Methane from landfill gas recovery

At present, methane from landfill is burnt off: LMS Gas Energy Power LMS47 (Landfill gas) 07 3821 7687 in park on corner of Charolais Crescent and Cemetery Road

Methane gas is now being collected from the Bunya Tip.

Community-owned renewable energy power stations

  • There is potential for community ownership of power generating resources to offset the local energy use. This could be solar or wind or another renewable resource, preferably located in a part of Australia with very high quality solar or wind energy. It would provide electricity into the grid or to a local community where it is situated, and offset local energy use here. It could also earn income from the energy produced and sold on the national energy market. Some proposals for this are being discussed in the Energy Group.

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