Practical skills for transition to the future

Education Queensland Sustainability Curriculum - Enough for All, Forever
Educating for a Sustainable Future - Australian Government
Peace Child International

Our local State MP, Geoff Wilson, has recently supported an increased role for on-going adult  education. At present there is only a little use of the school facilities in our community for adult and community education, and they represent a valuable potential resource for the community.

How to live sustainably in the suburbs


  • Living sustainably in the suburbs, U3A Pine Rivers course, held at Arana Library 3851 1016

How to make  bread

How to make  yoghurt

How to make  beer

How to make ginger beer and cordial

How to dry fruit

How to prune vines and fruit trees

How to protect your garden against pest damage

How to make wine

How to raise seeds & propagate cuttings

  • Ferny Grove State High School, Agriculture Program
  • Grovely TAFE Horticulture program
  • Phil Ryan

How to preserve food

How to cook traditional food dishes of cultures living sustainably

How to grow sprouts



How to store & manage food

How to make compost & look after soil

  • Phil Ryan

How to make and keep a worm farm

How to keep backyard poultry

chooks & quail in your backyard

How to grow fruit and nut trees

How to grow organic vegetables & herbs


  • Phil Ryan

How to use tools

How to make things out of wood

How to make boats and stitch & glue structures

How to work with metal

How to maintain a bicycle

How to maintain engines and vehicles

How to make pottery & prepare clay

How local currencies & local exchange systems work

  • LETS systems

How to get out of debt & live within a sustainable budget

How to manage your own health

How to look after your eyesight

How to look after your teeth

First Aid

  • Senior First Aid
  • First Aid Refresher
  • CPR coronary pulmonary resuscitation

How to care for people who aren't able to look after themselves

How to look after a baby

How to cut your family's hair

How to keep bees & harvest honey

How to manage change

How to write & perform songs & poetry

How to make paper

How to sew

How to tell stories

How to knit, crochet & weave

How to grow silk worms and make silk

How to reduce your energy bill

How to set your home up for 12 Volt appliances & solar power

How to defend yourself

  • Kung Fu
  • Judo
  • JuJitsu

Practical skills

Voluntary Simplicity

Practical life skills

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