The Grove defined

The Grove is the upper Kedron Brook valley.

This is a natural bioregion, with boundaries defined by the natural watersheds of Cedar Creek, Kedron Brook and Downfall Creek.

It includes:

  • the postcodes of 4054 and 4055
  • the upper catchment of Kedron Brook, Cedar Creek, Downfall Creek
  • the suburbs of Ferny Grove, Ferny Hills, Arana Hills, Keperra/ Grovely, and Upper Kedron. Developments like Woolshed Grove are also in The Grove.
  • the slopes of Camp Mountain, the Thompson Range, out along Mt Nebo Rd, the high hills behind Ferny Grove up to the watersheds
  • over 30,000 local residents
  • about 35 square kilometres of land
  • about 11,000 dwellings
  • 8 schools
  • 15 churches (fewer church buildings)
  • many sports groups and sporting facilities
  • more than 14 libraries
  • many parks
  • many clubs including The Grove Sports Club & Arana Leagues Club
  • a local narrowcast radio YYY 87.6FM
  • businesses
  • 14 shopping centres
  • remnant farms
  • the Ferny Grove train line & 3 stations (Ferny Grove, Keperra, Grovely)
  • lots of forests
  • parts of the Federal electorates of Dickson and Ryan
  • parts of the Queensland state electorates of Ferny Grove and Everton
  • parts of both Moreton Bay Regional Council, and Brisbane City Council
  • parts of the Pine Rivers area known as 'The Hills District'
  • Enoggera Reservoir just over the watershed
  • part of south east Queensland
  • part of Australia
  • rich and diverse wildlife - SEQLD is the 2nd richest bioregion in Australia
  • where we live, play
  • our environment
  • our place, our land, our future
  • our community, our home

The Grove is a "green city" , an urban fringe community.

The Grove is ringed by mountains and high hills, from Church St in Grovely around Samford Rd in Keperra around Mt Nebo Rd to Camp Mountain, then the high hills behind Ferny Grove on either side of Samford Rd, and along Caesar Rd.

It matches the area that Radio YYY 87.6 FM broadcasts to.

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