Transition Towns gathering hosted by Transition Kenmore

Transition Towns gathering hosted by Transition Kenmore hosted a get-together of Transition Towns representatives from across Brisbane to discuss where we are at. Thanks to Lloyd Hamilton for organising it. A special note was provided by the presence of Doone and Carol who came all the way from Bindarrabi in the Border Ranges. Carol founded Transition Kenmore way back in 2006!  Folk were interested to hear of our experience here in the Kedron Brook valley.

It was agreed to share more systematically about events that are happening that Transition Town people are interested in. Facebook or a reactivated Transition Hub webpage were mooted.

Out-of-date information on websites is a real problem, and makes it look very inactive. This is something we can take to heart, and spend some time over the summer updating our Transition websites.

We have a great deal to learn about understanding what other local groups in our area are doing and building alliances with them around their areas of awareness of the issues. Q. What do they understand about climate change, and are they doing anything to address it? Ditto for fuel supply. Find like-minded people, and find out how people in our community are like-minded about climate change and peak oil.

We need to be clear about what the goals and vision of Transition Towns are, and publicize them.  These keep changing as the understanding of climate change and peak oil deepens.

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